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Thread: The rating of our community

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    The rating of our community

    Hey, everyone!

    I'm relatively new and I just wanted to ask for ratings. I'm sitting around 3300 SR.
    What is your rating?
    I'm playing around 8 pm CET, so if you want to duo please message me!

    Thanks for the replies, in advance

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    The rating of our community

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    Yo! I started this season at around 2500, but I already dropped pretty low, somehow they gave me -80 sr for my first loss and then I had a DC so im all to 2200 sadly now

    career high is 2800+ on PS4 ( Just started playing on PC)
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    My season high is 2879, I'm a flex player but I usually end up playing Healer or Tank since that's what ppl don't seem to like playing the most lol

    Only play on EU though.

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    3300 on two accounts.

    Edit - I play tank/healers

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