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    Hi guys, just got Overwatch a couple of days ago, i'm level 5 at the moment so I'm pretty bad.

    Any tips/hints for noobs?

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    guides - OverwatchUniversity

    Try out as many heroes as you can and see who you like.
    If there's questions about a particular hero(es), I'll do my best to answer them.

    I recommend if you want to have up to date information on abilities (such as damage done, healing done).

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    The best thing you can do right now is play the characters you like. Learn how to best utilize their abilities in the match and on different maps. If you want to play a tank, remember to tank. Don't run ahead for picks. If you want to do damage, don't hide in the back. Some new players dive in thinking it's just a deathmatch FPS but characters have jobs. DPS is for kills, Tank is for distraction and bullet absorption so DPS can get kills, and healing is for keeping your team alive. McRee cant kill anyone when he's dead.
    Also, don't let other players pressure you into playing characters you don't want to play, especially in Quck Play. If you don't feel comfortable healing, or tanking, just do you. Knowledge of the game and all it's heroes will come over time. Despite how much you will hear about toxic players, most of the Overwatch community is willing to work with everyone so don't worry about being new.
    Learn the maps. Find out where you can go and what sight lines you have. Learn where the enemy team comes from, and the spots where some characters tend to flank.

    I also recommend watching some of the many great pro players on Twitch and Youtube like Seagull, IDDQD, or AimbotCalvin. See how they approach different fights and with which characters. Don't copy them, but do make notes.

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    I agree with watching youtube videos but mainly just try everything and see what flows

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    When learning the maps try and find the health packs. They will save u time and time again. It is great to watch youtubers but i always say it's best to learn the game at a steady pace by playing matches. The community is fairly noob friendly as long as you avoid comp until you are ready.

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    The best thing I've found that works (other than youtube) is to actually jump into a match with some friends (because they're less likely to rip your throat out if you don't necessarily know all of the ins and outs of the hero). Just go down the line and try them all out. If you find one you're drawn to, stick with that hero and jump into some quick matches or arcade games with that hero. From there, it's all practice. The more time you put into a hero, the better you'll be. This is just my advice and what has worked for me. You may find another method which helps you.

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