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      |Fever| Krityk
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      Whats your rank in CS:GO?
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      600 Whats your rank in CS:GO?

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      Whats your rank in CS:GO?

      Hey was just wondering peoples ranks in the cs:go matchmaking

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      |Fever| shades
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      Whats your rank in CS:GO?
      Great Britain
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      Check out the 2vs2 thread in this section and you will see everyone rank.

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      gg I haven't been on a winning team for "competitive match play" in 3 days and have de-ranked 2 ranks due to it. Really frustrating, especially since I'm leading most matches and we lead at halfs, but the teams fall apart. Started to not care about my rank in 64 tick servers aka "competitive match play" and going to just play with ESEA since they have nice 128 tick servers and people don't screw around. I got to play with Ksharp the other night. I used to play with him a lot. I'll see if I can get some free ESEA Premium accounts for some people.

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