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Thread: CS:GO Info (servers/tips/etc.) New Player 1 Stop

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    Exclamation CS:GO Info (servers/tips/etc.) New Player 1 Stop

    General Info:

    • No raging between members
    • Recruit as much as you can

    This is where you will find all the information our hard working members have compiled concerning CS:GO. Guides, Rules, Servers, etc. Whatever you are looking for, this is the place to find it!


    Servers: - a 28 man server open to the public.
    pw: fever321
    128 tick, 10 man. good for practicing with your friends.

    10 Man training/Scrim server
    Chicago Location
    Server Ip:
    Password: fever321

    to use the new map use the commands below
    Ex if you want the new season put in the rcon_password "pwhere"
    rcon host_workshop_map 322837144
    the names after them are for you to know what they are
    you can find the map ids by using
    maps *

    rcon host_workshop_map 322837144 de_season_rc1
    rcon host_workshop_map 123769103 de_mirage_ce
    rcon host_workshop_map 137263564 training_aim_csgo
    rcon host_workshop_map 144923022 de_contra_b3
    rcon host_workshop_map 163589843 de_cache.bsp
    rcon host_workshop_map 201811336 de_toscan.bsp
    rcon host_workshop_map 211764046 de_bagra_rc8
    rcon host_workshop_map 225151817 de_bazaar
    rcon host_workshop_map 239672577 de_crown
    rcon host_workshop_map 267340686 de_facade
    rcon host_workshop_map 279177142 am_aztec2
    rcon host_workshop_map 312199550 de_tuscan_b3
    rcon host_workshop_map 322837144 de_season (OLD)
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    Are you struggling with CS:GO?

    Well I am here to help. In no way do I assume that this guide is the best way. However, it is a improvement to the majority of CS;GO players. If you have any queries please feel free to PM me.

    First of all I am going to tell you a little bit about myself. So you trust what i am going to say. So I started playing CS years and years ago. Just against bots. Then I worked my way to CSS, which over 7 years + I have played it I have accumulated over 4000+ hours on. Yes, 4000 hours. I have hosted my own server, managed my own css team/clan. I have also competed in some LAN competitions (i42,i43) I have played almost every single mod which has been popular. I have even made a website in my teens dedicated to css. So I am a bit of a fan-boy.

    Right on to the actual important stuff. Over the next couple of weeks I will add to this post about CS:GO. Almost like news. I will be putting in a helpful guides, tactics and tips on how to improve in what we all know is a very hard game to play.

    Here is a list of some of the things I am going to include:

    • Aiming.
    • FAQ
    • Demos
    • Weapons. (Bulld0g)
    • CT and T side.
    • Maps
    • Money management.
    • Overview
    • CS:GO Competitive Ranks



    First things first. Aiming. The most hardest part of any fps game. But more crucial in the Counter strike franchise. (This is a rough edit)

    Here is a list I will cover;
    • Crosshair/Mouse management.
    • Where/How to shoot
    • How to get better.
    • Summary


    Crosshair/Mouse managment:

    The type, size and the dynamics of your cross hair is one of the most controversial things in counter strike. The best way to learn how to use the guns and manage the recoil is to keep all settings on; this means keep the dynamic cross hair on and lower the cross hair size to its smallest setting also attached the center dot, as this is crucial. Right once you have done this you are good to go. (Use this site to help modify your crosshair: CS:GO Crosshair Generator)

    Right, Where and how to shoot is harder then people assume. If you don't hit on target first, you will die.
    What you need to do is aim for the head. But how can you go from a spraying noob to hitting in the head the first time? I will tell you how.

    First; Lower you sensitivity. I don't care if you have a razer naga super extreme. No professional player uses it on a high sensitivity. Example; I have my DPI (Dots per inch) at 800 and sensitivity at 1.63. I would suggest halving what you currently have. (3000 dpi turns into 1500 etc). If you can't do this due to the type of mouse you have then don't worry; the standard desktop mouse has 400-800 dpi.

    However having a good mouse is a great benefit to you. You need something which fits your play style;
    • Claw - All on the fingers, give you more general accuracy and better at turning 180.
    • Palm - Palm grip on the mouse, gives you better long range accuracy but worse for fast turning.

    Majority of CS players play with Claw grip. It is known to be more effective in the long run.

    You might be wondering how has this got to do with my shooting people in the face? As a player you jolt/tense your muscles under high pressure. With high sensitivity a small jolt will seriously move your aim. However this is not the main reason. In CS you need much more controlled aim as it isn't as fast paced as other FPS so having a lower sensitivity gives your more control.

    This can be impossible for some people who have very small surfaces to play on. Not to worry, just set your sensitivity to one swipe of the mousemat to do 180 degrees in-game. However for the majority of you, you want to have a large "swipe" surface. YOU NEED a Mousemat. It isn't optional, a mousemat helps maintain your mouse and give you a reference on movement helping muscle memory.

    Once you have done all these things you are one step close to becoming a PRO.

    Read this one week later;


    Where/How to shoot

    I assumed you have read the above and got bored and fancied a little game but you died so many times you rage quit and went back to playing Hello Kitty online. Not to worries, I'm not offended :P
    Back to business; How and where to shoot is hard to get right and without constant practice you will struggle to become better than average.
    The way to improve greatly in a small amount of time is not to play online. Stick with bots. Its faster and you can learn much much more. If you have set your mouse/crosshair setting accordingly then you should see when you move your crosshair is bigger and when you stop its goes smaller.

    Tracing. This is something even to this day separated good players from great players. It is independently moving your mouse and moving your player. This give your better aim and more kills. This is something you can only learn once you have played the game a long time.

    On that basis I am going to teach what is called the sideway tap. Now on CS;GO this is slightly different to CSS but similar to CS. Basically it is when you move left first then tap right then fire. (Is reversible) This requires a lot of practice but is easily mastered in 30 minutes. Once you can do this whilst firing

    Burst fire, Single tap and spray. Hard thing to learn when to do what; I will cover the top 2 rifles, the smg and the famous AWP.


    See @BullD0Gs post after reading.

    The AK - Close range (In your face). Spray then slowly move your mouse down. But do it as the bullets rise. This will mean your bullets will go in the same place.
    The Ak - Mid range. Burst fire tap. 2-1-1-2 (Pause-Movement) 2-1-1-2
    The AK - Long Range. Single tap. 1-1-1 (pause) 1-1-1

    The M4 - Close range. Spray, the M4 has less recoil than the AK so go down slower.
    The M4- Mid range. Burst fire 3-3 (Movement) 3-3.
    The M4 -Long range. Double tap. 1.1 - 1.1 (1.1 = Fast single tapping)


    The P90 - Close range. Spray to your hearts content. The P90 is great gun for this.
    The P90 - Mid range. 3-4 (Run at them) Spray/ 3-4


    The AWP - This is a hard gun to explain in text. A shot above the waist is an instakill everything below does 84 damage. To practice on this gun, you need to be with bots and learn your sensitivity. How much to move your mouse to get the crosshair where you want it. I strongly reccomend that you use a rifle before you use a AWP as once you have got the basic you can move to more complex weaponry.

    How to get better?

    Practice makes perfect. Playing around a hour a day against bots or in a team deathmatch can help. Make sure you learn each technique (If you just run round and use a shotgun, I cannot guarantee an improvement). Further I am more than happy to teach people. Just PM me. I can give you a quick lesson on a empty server and show you on your way.



    If your brain is not mush then you need to re-read. Yes, it is alot more complex then one assumes, Each part is going to be expanded further and made more presentable, I just wanted to write it all down . This currently is only a rough guide. It needs to be edited and made more coherent.

    Rough template; Any feedback. Please like and pm me. It helps me alot! Thanks!
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    What game mode shall I start off with?
    Personally I would start of with classic casual against bots. Learn your weapons and keybindings.

    What map is the most noob friendly?
    De_dust2. It is the most played map in the game. If you can learn this map you will be one step close on being pro.

    I keep dying, I meant it! ALL THE TIME!!
    Not to worry, best way is to be defensive. A great casual player "baits" his teammates. This is when you let someone run in first and then steal his kill. Obviously this is most frowned upon in competitive play. But hey! its just pub.

    Whats your favorite gun?
    AK-47. It has insane recoil and incredible damage. The gun is amazing to use but creates time and practice to master.

    How can I tell if a guy is really good or wall-hacking?
    This is something you have to learn however the best ways of telling is that he stares at where people come from. He doesn't check blind spots or keen angles. They will also sometime trace a person through the wall. Now with CS;GO glow aura around players it makes it easier to catch them out.

    I keep crashing!?
    Best way is to delete the clientregistry.blob file in your steam folder. Once youve done that, restart steam. If you still crash lower your settings and try again. If it still persistent, try google and/or give me a PM.

    Do we coach cs;go?
    Yes, check this link Enjoy!

    Q: Im obsessed with unlocking all the achievements in CS:GO. What are the "14 windows in the Office"?
    Ahh this is an easy one! You need to shoot all 14 windows in the office map. You cannot let anyone else shoot them! best way is on a bot server. As they generally don't shoot the windows.
    Might take a couple of goes!

    Q: What is your strategy for winning arms race in baggage? Do you stay low and shoot up? Stay up and shoot low? Rambo into enemy spawn?
    Play defensively. You always want to have the height. Dropping down is always bad. Unless your an aimbot genuis. For the smgs go to the right to the oversight.
    For the shotguns go to the middle and have fast reactions. You want to get out of shotguns ASAP. Then stay near spawn and use the rifles with burst fire or single tap.
    After that it should be a breeze.
    Best way it playing passive aggressive. Having amazing aim and being able to concentrate for a long period of time.
    Any other questions? ?

    Q: I really hate shotguns. How can I get through them faster?
    Shoot for the head!!!
    But really shotguns put out multiple bullets because of the shell. Aiming for the head or shooting multiple times with a fast rate shotgun is the way to go


    - Bulld0g

    There is a site call Where you can find demos and watch what PRO players do in situations.

    I'll also link how to put a demo in your folder and use it in game.

    This Link is how to record and view demos : How to record and playback demos in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive [Tutorial w/commentary] - YouTube

    When you get the file from hltv all you do is put it in your: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo

    Here is a link to the hltv demo vault: - Demos
    Here is a POV Demo Views of different Pro Players : - POV Demos
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    Here is some videos, purely for pleasure on the top guns in cs;go. The Ak47, M4, Famas, Galil, Awp, Deagle and p250.

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    This part of the guide is going to mainly focus on competitive side of the game. Some of the terminology is basic CS language. If you don't understand certain words please PM me.

    CT Side;

    I will break this down into several parts;
    • Goals
    • Type of player
    • Teamwork

    Playing as CT (Counter-Terrorists) is in my opinion an easier side to play. You play more defensively to protect the bombsite. This improves your aim and patience. Your objective is to kill all of the opposite team and not let them plant the bomb. You need to seperate your team well. Don't have your two best players on one site. Split them up. Get to know the person your holding site with. Generally you want the same two people working together each map to increase their teamwork with each other. After a couple of hours it will run like a fluid machine - once that happens you want to push yourself.

    Type of player/positions;
    There is two types of players when it comes to competitive play; the rifler and the sniper. The standard formation is;
    Player1; Rifler.
    Player2; Sniper (AWP).
    Player3; Rifle/Awp.
    Player4; Rifle.
    Player5; Rifle.

    [Player1 = P1]

    P2 is generally your best sniper shot and uses the awp when he or his team can afford to buy.
    P3 is your second best sniper, depending on map choose it is needed to have two good awpers. (For example De_nuke)

    You never want P2 and P3 playing similar or the same spot. As the T-side can easily rush you and gain two Awps.

    The general formation of the team is; 2A, 2B, 1 Choke.

    The choke player is generally an Awper.

    I will go in-depth in the map section below.

    Communication is key, if you are not on a voice server with the majority of your team, forget winning. You need to have everyone paying attention. Find yourself a closed ts channel, you don't want to be interrupted. For the first couple of the games you want to be as serious as possible to learn each others play style. Once you have done that you can relax on your communications as you will know when to rotate or not.


    T Side;




    ETA(30/03/2013) - Delayed.
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    Maps; (Basic 3 tactics for t-side and ct-side)

    Smoke mid go short.

    Pick and split

    Split A

    Thanks rdd for these links to some awesome smokes and flashes! @rDD

    hi guys and ladies

    basically i thought how i can give some input to the team and fever, so i spent many hours filtering through good videos of players and some of my friends on how to do effective and quick smokes for when pushing bombsites.

    i hope these helps guys

    inferno :- smokes - YouTube

    Dust 2, T Spawn Smoke

    Dust 2, Crossover Smoke

    Dust 2, Middle Box Smoke V1.

    Dust 2, CT Spawn Smoke

    Train, A2 Arch Smoke

    Train, One Way Side Smoke [FIXED]

    Train, Z Connect Smoke (Outside)

    Inferno, Lower Apps Flash

    Inferno, Bedroom Flash V1

    Inferno, Bedroom Flash V2

    Nuke, A Site Molotov From B Site

    Map Call Outs

    Attachment 7463

    Attachment 7464

    Attachment 7465

    Attachment 7466

    Attachment 7467

    Attachment 7468

    Attachment 7469
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    Money Management

    Managing money correctly in CS:GO can you give a great advantage at critical points in matches. I advise all to learn how to manage their money properly

    Players purchase weapons and equipment at the beginning of every round with money awarded based on their performance. Completing objectives or killing enemies earns the player money while negative actions, like killing a teammate or hostage, takes money away from the player. In addition, when a round ends all players receive some amount of money, with players on the winning team receiving substantially more.

    The general principle of the money system is as follows:-

    • Starting Money
    • Money gained from winning a round
    • Money gained from losing a round
    • Money gained from killing someone (Each Gun Varies)
    • Money gained from completing an objective
    • Money lost from attacking a teammate
    • Money lost from killing a teammate
    • Money lost from killing a hostage

    Game Type Stats:


    Starting money: $800
    Win the round: $3500
    Lose the round: $1400
    Kill an opponent: $300 Multiplied by the Gun Reward Value(Default = 1x$300)
    Defuse the bomb: $300
    Plant the bomb: $300
    Rescue a hostage: $300
    Maximum Money: $16000
    Shoot a hostage: -$690

    Starting money: $1000
    Win the round: $2700
    Lose the round: $2400
    Kill an opponent: $100 Multiplied by the Gun Reward Value(Default = 1x$100)
    Defuse the bomb: $200
    Plant the bomb: $200
    Rescue a hostage: $200
    Maximum Money: $10000
    Shoot a hostage: -$690

    Weapon Price Stats:


    Glock18 - $200
    P2000 - $200
    P250 - $300
    Tec-9 - $600
    Five-Seven - $600
    2xBerettas - $700
    Deagle - $800

    MAC10 - $1200
    MP9 - $1250
    Mp7 - $1700
    UMP45 - $1500
    PP-19 - $1400
    P90 - $2350

    Galil - $2000
    Famas - $2250
    AK47 - $2700
    M4A4 - $3100
    SSG08 - $2500
    AUG - $3500
    SG553 - $3500
    G3 SG1 - $5000
    SCAR - $5000
    AWP - $4750

    Nova - $1200
    XM1014 - $2200
    Sawed-Off - $1200
    Mag-7- $1700


    M249 - $5750
    Negev - $5700


    Flash - $200
    Smoke - $300
    HE - $300
    Decoy - $50
    Incendiary -
    Molotov - $500
    Kevlar - $650
    Kevlar + Helmet - 1000$

    Weapon Reward Stats:


    Glock18 - 150%
    P2000 - 150%
    P250 - 150%
    Tec-9 - 150%
    Five-Seven - 150%
    2xBerettas - 150%
    Deagle - 150%

    MAC10 - 450%
    MP9 - 450%
    Mp7 - 450%
    UMP45 - 450%
    PP-19 - 150%
    P90 - 450%

    Galil - 150%
    Famas - 150%
    AK47 - 150%
    M4A4 - 150%
    SSG08 - 150%
    AUG - 150%
    SG553 - 150%
    G3 SG1 - 150%
    SCAR - 150%
    AWP - 25%

    Nova - 450%
    XM1014 - 450%
    Sawed-Off - 450%
    Mag-7- 450%


    M249 - 150%
    Negev - 150%

    An example of this would be (Competitive):-
    1 Kill with Glock-18 = 300$ x 150 / 100 = $450
    2 Kills with Glock-18 = 300$ x 150 / 100 = $450 x 2 = $900
    1 Kill with Mag-7 = 300$ x 450 / 100 = $1350

    Getting kills gives you a great financial advantage

    Financial Tactics:

    Eco Round - An eco round is a round in which you purchase the bare essentials and nothing more. "Eco" rounds are different for everybody, a few variations are listed below

    (Ex.1) If you were playing an ECO round as a counter-terrorist you might buy:-
    P250 = $250
    Smoke = $200

    This would save you $350 dollars for the next round in addition to the money gained through winning or losing the round

    (Ex.2) As a terrorist you may decide to purchase nothing, saving $800 for your next round!

    People often do this to save for guns so they can purchase them sooner. Someone who plays as a sniper will eco 3-4 rounds so that they can afford an AWP at the start of a game giving them a massive advantage other the other team.

    Tactics For A Counter-Terrorist Awper (Awp + Kevlar = $5750) = (Ex.1) 2 Eco Rounds (Won All Rounds)
    Tactics For A Counter-Terrorist Awper (Awp + Kevlar = $5750) = (Ex.1) 4 Eco Rounds (Lost All Rounds)
    Tactics For A Counter-Terrorist Rifler (M4A4 + Kevlar = $4100) = (Ex.1) 1 Eco Rounds (Won All Rounds)
    Tactics For A Counter-Terrorist Rifler (M4A4 + Kevlar = $4100) = (Ex.1) 3 Eco Rounds (Lost All Rounds)
    Tactics For A Terrorist Awper (Awp + Kevlar = $5750) = (Ex.2) 2 Eco Rounds (Won All Rounds)
    Tactics For A Terrorist Awper (Awp + Kevlar = $5750) = (Ex.2) 3 Eco Rounds (Lost All Rounds)
    Tactics For A Terrorist Rifler (Ak47 + Kevlar = $3700) = (Ex.2) 1 Eco Rounds (Won All Rounds)
    Tactics For A Terrorist Rifler (Ak47 + Kevlar = $3700) = (Ex.2) 3 Eco Rounds (Lost All Rounds)

    This does not take Kill Rewards or Objectives Into Consideration.
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    Game Ranking

    Rank List

    Thanks to @shds for the image

    CS:GO competitive Skill Groups predict how well players will perform when playing against other players. Two equally skilled teams should, *In Theory* win an equal number amount of matches however in personal experience, this does not happen

    Often people are hesitant to use competitive matchmaking however bare in mind it will match you with players of a similar skill, which is better than searching through the community server list to find a game that suits you thus making it quicker and easier to achieve the desired amount of fun :P

    The actual skill groups are displayed in the main menu, party lobbies and match score-board. Bare in mind to actually be granted a rank you must first win 10 competitive matches. Your Skill Group will then be displayed on the main menu.

    Valve states that partying with lower skilled friends won't hurt your rating as it "takes your lower-skill friend into consideration" however once again in my personal experience this is not effective. But obviously don't let me tell you not to play with lower skill friends. After all if you don't, it will take the fun out of the game.

    Also understand that the more games you play - the greater the accuracy of the ranking system. After 10 games you maybe givin the highest rank because you haven't lost a single game, however after 100 games it will be more accurate and you will be put into a "true" representation of your skill.

    Finally you should know that Most matches have a small range of Skill Groups represented. If you see a larger range of Skill Groups then it is likely that those players came into the match as a party.

    By muxed
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    Good Find by @Cardinaljester

    A professional Cs:go player Adren does a video where he uses a submitted demo of an amateur player and critiques him. I think this will actually help many of the newer cs:go players in the clan immensely. Check it out
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