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Thread: Fever CS:GO Information Thread

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    Fever CS:GO Information Thread

    This thread is the official thread where you can find all the relevant information on the CS:GO section here in FeverClan. Information here will be updated regularly, and any questions you may have regarding this thread or the section as a whole should be sent directly to the Company Commander @Niine.

    What is CS:GO?
    General Information
    Available Related Jobs
    In-House and Event Rules
    Current Players

    CS:GO stands for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and it is an objective-based first-person shooter multiplayer game. Two teams of five entitled Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists go against each other in an attempt either complete the objective of the specific game mode or eliminate the rival team to become the overall winner.


    Question: How do I contact an officer within the CS:GO section?
    Answer: This is simple. Either contact the Company Commander @Niine) or any General/Officer within the CS:GO section through their steam or just send them a PM on Discord. They'll happily deal with a wide range of matters such as questions on event times, member issues, or any other questions or issues that occur within the section.

    Question: Does Fever host any in-houses or events?
    Answer: Fever hosts in-houses each week on a Saturday at 6:00pm EST and are alerted in the events chat within our Discord server! Events occur at random points throughout the year, so keep an eye out for information in the event chat as well as making sure you're on the CS:GO Roster, that way you're mentioned when a post is made including all the event information!

    Question: How can I get started playing CS:GO and who can I play with?
    Answer: Getting started with CS:GO is easy! Simply jump into a game of Deathmatch, Arms Race, or any other mode that looks appealing to you and try out the array of guns the game has to offer. Learn the sprays of the guns, and just check out the map layouts so when you come to Competitive play, you're well on your way! You can play CS:GO with anyone that appears in the CS:GO section of our Discord server and they'll be happy to lend a helping hand aswell! The community is super friendly, supportive, and always looking for new players! Gamenights are also a great way to get to know people in the community and you'll have a group in no time!


    The Company Commander of the CS:GO section is currently @Niine. If you have any questions or concerns, she's more than happy to help you out and also introduce you to players of your skill and rank to help you settle in within the community.

    Just like every section within FeverClan, our CS:GO Community follows the set clan rules as well as the CS:GO ToS. If any rules are broken from either the Terms of Service or the Fever Standards, it will be dealt with immediately and result in a ban. This ban will prevent the user from being within the Fever Discord, participating in Fever Events, and ultimately cutting off their relation to FeverClan. If you're aware of anyone within the community breaking these rules, we request you report it immediately to any general or leader.


    Department Head: @Thundernut
    Deputy head: @Kimenu

    Company Commander: @Niine
    Company Administrator: @Shanill

    For all job applications, PM @Niine through Discord or on the Forums.

    Game-Night Host (Officers and Enlisted) - In this role, the member is responsible for hosting all CS:GO events and tournaments through communication and organisation with the company commander. They're responsible for ensuring all aspects of the night goes to plan as well as those participating are constantly following both the Fever Standards and the Terms of Service of CS:GO. All members must have fun too, of course!

    Coaching Manager (Officer or Above) - In this role, the member is ultimately responsible for the coaching section within CS:GO. This includes managing and interviewing CS:GO coaches as well as ensuring their in-game knowledge is up to a set standard. They're also responsible for matching players with coaches if they so request and ensuring the section is running smoothly.

    Recruitment Team (Enlisted or Above) - In this role, any member of FeverClan that plays CS:GO can represent the section of the community, working for FeverClan Recruitment Team, in order to bring in more members.

    CS:GO Administrator (High Enlisted or Officer) - In this role, the member is responsible for updating all threads, keeping the section spam free, and helping to create threads when department events are coming up. This role works closely alongside the Company Commander.

    These rules are set down specifically for the CS:GO section, corresponding with the already set Fever Standards. These must be follow in every in-house and event the CS:GO section organises and hosts alongside Fever Standards and CS:GO Terms of Service.

    Respect every member, no matter the rank within the community or game.
    Raging or quitting the game will not be tolerated.
    You must be in Discord with your team (Even if your mic is muted).
    Surrendering is prohibited until a whole half has been played and the entirety of the team agrees to do so.
    No ghosting is permitted.

    Extra rules may be created that are specific to the event hosted within the department.

    The current players can be found in the CS:GO Roster, showing their region and their rank in-game. Current core members who play CS:GO frequently and have it set as a main game are mentioned below. To be added to the core member list, PM @Niine on Discord or the Forums.

    @Kimenu @icemanshane1 @Naji @Shanill @MortaleMago @RobinToth @Raphael @Paragon @Izzo @Niine @shacram @Vandrick @Piehat @Sean @radman @jorgge2

    If any information is incorrect, message @Niine or @Shanill.

    Happy Gaming! <3
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    i am interested in doing game night hosting on Friday or Saturday nights. Thanks to @Zerox and @Bogo sorta got me on the csgo itch.

    Bogo "Have you spoken with Thundernut crash?"
    cBizzle "Who is that?"
    Bogo "lmao, losing my mind"

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