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Thread: Destiny 2

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    Destiny 2

    Anyone pre-order for PC? I did and am looking forward to the game. if there is interest in fever, perhaps we can get a launch party going or something.

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    @zefirus I am interested in Destiny 2 for PC as well. Never been a big FPS guy but it looks interesting. I would contact @arksun he will be the XO for Destiny 2. I am betting he will have something going on for the release.

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    A launch party is going to happen.. I just Need to work out the details.. More information will be posted asap

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    Wish my PC could handle the game. debating on purchasing for the PS4.

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    i plan on playin Destiny 2 but with alot of my coworkers

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    People who are interested in it in US: Who'll be playing Destiny 2? Which Platform?
    People who are interested in it in EU: Who is playing Destiny 2? And in which Platform?

    @Bob_o Suggestion: Destiny 2 Forum

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