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Thread: Army of Two

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    Army of Two

    Anyone else played this game before?

    If not I recommend The levels are pretty hard even on the easy mode, so you can easily spend a lot of hours on this game. Especially if you're like me that gets stubborn and wants to just pass the damn level.

    The storyline (two mercs that get burned by their bosses and go rogue) is not overly unique. It boils down to having to shoot your way to the other side (which from what I understand makes it similar to things like Call of Duty). But I think the mercs' bromance makes it highly entertaining.

    Oh, and you can pimp out your gear and weapons, like solid-gold AK-47s. I thought that was a fun little extra :P

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    Remember this game?

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    Just reviewed some of the gameplay and it looks decent. To me, it has a bit of a Gears of War gameplay feel to it.

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    I played the first one and I liked it. I agree its challenging on any level 'cause that game was NOT easy.

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    The second one was actually fantastic. They really increased the smoothness of the controls and pumped up the difficulty. The first was good, but you kind of didn't realize the controls were kinda klunky. The second was harder as a game, but the first was only really difficult for me because my partner was rambo which ran headlong into everything with guns blazing @CatterinaLily

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    I remember a lot of rage quit moments in the first one though. For example I was moving to a different cover to get a better angle on the enemies and ended up going down. My character sat down with his legs out like you usually do when waiting for your partner to get you back up. Next thing I know, a damn grenade comes sailing at me and perfectly drops inches from my character's crotch.

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