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Thread: Hydalyn Society is Recruting Members to join our Roleplaying Group on (Balmung Server)

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    Lightbulb Hydalyn Society is Recruting Members to join our Roleplaying Group on (Balmung Server)

    History of the Hydaelyn Society!


    The story of Hydaelyn Society is an original concept meant to be set within the lore of FFXIV's world, Hydaelyn.

    Eras ago, a powerful primal nine-tailed wolf "Kuji" came into the world and created a home to which his people can live their lives in peace. To prevent his people from being targeted for other nations he transformed himself into a 9 Aethernet Shards hidden in plain sight at different points of Hydaelyn Society so he can keep watch over his people. To keep outsiders from ever finding out, a spell was cast over the shards to keep Kuji's powerful aura from being noticed, found our, or even used; each would travel through the aether to find sanctuary land of which Kuji gave up his body and powers to act as a guardian over his people.

    Those who loyal and faithful to Kuji bear a distinctive paw mark on their skin, and as such have come to be known in certain esoteric circles as the hydaelyn society. These marks forge a unique connection between the members of the Hydaelyn Society, gifting them with the ability to ‘see’ each other over vast distances, greater agility, hearing, smell, and in rare cases share their thoughts and experiences over their telepathic Link.

    The existence of the Hydaelyn Society is not a complete secret, however. There are many who would seek to information about the hidden secrets of the Hydaelyn Society and take their power for their own.

    The Hydaelyn Society must remain strong-willed, loyal, and faithful to his/her fellow man and ally with one another, and swiftly; for there's always someone wanting to steal the source of the Hydaelyn Society's power.

    Few Reasons to Join the Hydalyn Society!

    (Bleach) Soul Society like lore, which is congruent with the lore established within the official setting of FFXIV: ARR.
    Soul Society Like Based RP; Our Society recruits to a low to high standards, seeking proactive, new/old experienced, talented role-players to add to and improve our pack's roleplay.
    The Hydaelyn Community; We keep our society involved, and active for all of our members. We do not tolerate OOC prejudice, discrimination or hate speech toward any group of people. We accept every race and gender of ALL people, and we are LGBTQ friendly!
    A highly unique, yet engaging FC storyline which is still being worked on as we forge and re-shaped it as more and more join and grow with usmembers.
    Discord Live Chat: We use chat system called [/url]Discord [Click to Download]its free easy to use. Our Discord Link [Below]
    Hydaelyn Society Live Chat
    A friendly, highly supportive and open RP environment.

    A fully in-character FC channel, and an out-of-character channel for chatter, as well as in and out-of-character Discord channels that we frequently use. Hydaelyn Society RP Chat
    100% Supportive; We aim to support and help our members with anything from, Dungeons, Guildheists, Guildleves, anything else our members need help with.

    (Saving Money for house) Free company housing with all of the benefits that come along with it. Our goal is to hit 50m Gil so "every donation" from our members is highly appreciated.
    A zero-OOC drama policy (Unless it can be controlled).

    Hydaelyn Society. Offers Active Role-playing for all those New to RP or Great Role-players. Our goals are (not to be no. 1), but to be one of the Official Roleplaying Communitys.

    Come join the in on our fun Society, Hydaelyn Society is a Never ending Role-play, looking to build up its 13 different ranks. We want to create a safe, very friendly role-playing community to pursue your role-playing dreams.

    Come, send us a "/tell" or "Submit an Application". We don't own a house yet, but working hard to the bone to achieve our goals.

    Our Recruiting Status
    OPEN 24/7

    For information on applying to [url=]Hydaelyn Society, message us here.

    To learn more about us and to apply, please message us here, or send a /tell in-game to:
    Kuji Zarufu.
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    Incredibly Detailed Character Planning Sheet by: Myself (ParanoiaOrigins)


    (may change if i cant use the name after character creation)
    Character name: Kuji Zarufu
    Nickname: Kuji-sama, Kuji-kun
    Birthdate: 30th Sun of the 3rd Umbral Moon
    Place of Birth: Southern Thanalan, Town of Little Ala Mhigo
    Ethnicity: Miqo'te
    Religion: Worships the Twelve, spec. Halone.

    Height: 5'8.2"
    Weight: 130 lb
    Body type: Slim
    Eye color: Red
    Glasses or Vision Enhancements: No
    Skin tone (pale, tan, olive, brown, etc) brown
    Face shape: (round, square, oval, chubby, heart-shaped): oval
    Prominent features: Hair, Ear-rings, Eyes
    Tattoos or distinguishing marks: marks under each eye
    Casting choice (what actor do they resemble?): No one, but uses a Gothic/emo like image

    General health:
    Disabilities, illnesses, or weaknesses: Anxiety, Overthinking Everything

    Fashion and style:
    Special jewelry: Aetherial Garnet Earrings (special), enchanted for communication among other things.
    Hair color: Black, with red highlights
    Hairstyle: Typically shoulder-length
    Grooming: Re-applys red hair dye for the highlights, for the end tips of the hair.

    Additional information:
    Garments variety base on what the character is doing. Mining He wears tunics for mining safely, and effectively. Making armor protective eye wear and heavy duty gloves. Same goes making weapons. He has always made his own equipment. In which he is highly known for, and often made a lot of gil doing so.

    Languages spoken: Eorzean.
    Accent or dialect: Standard accent for Eorzeans, though with a very dark often gothic difference from is brother and sister Miqo'tes.
    Vocabulary/reading level: Very good. He was mentored throughout life by his parents, father being a weaponsmith and mother a blacksmith.
    Voice tone: Calm, dark sometimes, but firm,
    Favorite phrases: "Its All Good in The Hood", "Konnichiwa (Hello)", "Kun", "Sama", "Chan".
    Do they curse: Swaring under his breath in intense/baffling situations.
    Demeanor: Typically calm or lil bit of an attitude when annoyed.
    Mannerisms: hard-work and respect, but distant and overly quiet while over-thinking everything.
    Gestures: Bowing his head, plays with his hair while being quiet, overly called cute when seen lost in thought or sleeping.
    Habitual behaviors (nail-biting, drumming fingers, hair fixing, etc.): Hair fixing, crossing his arms.
    Posture: Hands behind her back with one leg behind the other, head tilted to the right or left based on her mood, staring off into nothing.


    Current occupation: Miner/Armorer/Blacksmith
    Level of job satisfaction: High Standards
    Years at current occupation: Miner (1) /Armorer (1)/Blacksmith (1)
    Income: Fluctuates depending on job, enough to be comfortable with high necessities.
    Professional skills: Gladiator (training); Mineral mining, Crafting Metals for Armor and Weapons.
    Combat skills: Close-combat with swords and shields. Some magic to heal his own wounds.

    Additional information:

    Place of residence: Drifting around a lot but made a home in Limsa Lominsa.
    Type of residence: Inn.
    Surrounding area (city, rural, etc): City.
    Describe residence: A mid-size, cozy, known inn with good drinks and a kind staff. His rented room is big and cluttered with organized armors, metals, weapons, minerals, market spreadsheets/prices, and maps.
    Who do they live with: No one.
    Pets: None (plans to one soon).
    Overall quality of living conditions: Very organized.
    Home décor: Work in procgress - a bed, a nightstand, a chair, a chest. Walls are full of hanging tools, save for a few pinned maps and minerals for research.
    Important features of home: Lots of Mannequins for trying on armors, weapons stands to hold weapons, chests filled with different types of low-to-high minerals. Etc.

    Type of vehicle: Bennu and a Chocobo
    Age of vehicle: Unknown for her Bennu, chocobo appears to be an early adult.
    Defining characteristics of vehicle: Bennu red with orange for the tips of the wings and tail, chocobo with scoot black feathers.
    Quality of vehicle: His bestist buddies!
    Describe vehicle: Brave but over-protective chocobo that Found being badly hurt surrounded by wild dogs. When he first found him, his feathers were bloody and broken, but as she took care of the bird, then later their true brightness began to show through. Kujiza isn't a large bird, and due to his upbringing, he has a thing about being over protective of him and envy by other chocobos. Kujiza likes to be close to Kuji, for his comfort and protection.

    Additional information:

    Marital status: Single
    Significant partner(s): None
    How did they meet partner: Unknown
    Nickname for partner: None
    Previous romantic partners: None

    Children: None
    Relationship with children: Unknown
    Step-children: None

    Important family: Zarufu
    Mother: Yayamo Zarufu
    Age: 47
    Living or deceased: Living
    Mother’s occupation: Blacksmith

    Father: Zorido Zarufu
    Age: 57
    Living or deceased: Living
    Mother’s occupation: Armoer

    Siblings: 2 Older Brohers
    Describe the quality of relationship with any significant family members: Loved by his parents, loathing rivalry between him and his older brothers, Fafajoni and Jajariku.
    Extended family: None

    Friends: Few
    Best Friend: Currently? None
    Describe relationship with friend(s): Mostly those within both his mother's blacksmith store and father's armor shop. Still no friends yet from the gladiator, marauder, conjurer guilds.

    Additional information:

    How does the character relate to:
    Spouse: Unknown
    Lover: Unknown
    Past lovers/spouses: Unknown
    Children: Unknown
    Friends: Unknown
    Employer: Respectful
    Pets: Spoiled, Curious, gentle.
    Strangers: slient, distant.
    Opposite sex: flirty
    Same sex: Hardly impressed, but gets alone with them.
    Family members: Hatefulness towards her borthers, but loves her parents to heart.
    Competitors: Honor and respect
    Authority: Obedient to only her master's and teachers
    Enemies: No mercy, especially with the lives of close to her are on the line.

    Additional information:

    Any psychological issues or illnesses: Anxiety, Overthinking Everything
    Meyers-Briggs Personality Type: INTJ

    What do they love: Family, Work, Mentors
    What is their passion: To Protect everyone
    What do they hate: Her brothers, those who hurt others, beggers, careless people, highly rich people who care only for coin and not his/her fellow man.
    What would they die for: Honor, Protecting those close to his and those who need it.
    What do they value: Honor, Respect, Friendship, and Hard-work
    Secret loves: Adorable animals, high-quality equipment and minerals, sweets, same sex
    Sexual behavior: Kinky, flirty, romantic

    Personal philosophies:
    Politics: Distant, uninvolved, supporter of personal freedom and creativity.
    Spirituality: Worships the Twelve, with Halone as his patron deity. Accepts others' beliefs, such as those held by races.
    Prejudices: Not very prejudiced, being a imaginative/strategic sort. He is intimidated by some males.

    Greatest strength: Honor , Hard-work & Loyalty
    Greatest weakness or flaw: Intimidated by other males

    Their favorite attribute: (others) Optimism/hope.
    Least favorite attribute: (others) Cruelty, selfish.

    Biggest secret: Into very kinky stuff with the opposite sex
    Biggest fear: That his biggest secret will be discovered by his parents

    Most likeable trait: (About self) Creative, Passionate.
    Least likeable trait: (About self) Being Intimidated.
    How are they perceived by others: Depends. Often Respected and known for his work.

    Proudest accomplishment: Having a supportive parents.
    Other accomplishments: Becoming a successful Paladin to protect people. Becoming an Leader of his own free company.
    Biggest regret: Not having loving brothers.
    Most embarrassing moment: His tail wages quickly and stumbles over his words when he meets a cute female lalafell, Miqo'te, Roegadyn or Elezen.
    Personality quirks: Too honest, works often to the point of passing out.
    Would they like to change anything about themselves: His physical and mental strength. He desires to be stronger and to surpass his superiors.

    Short term or long term goals: To protect those he cares about, and to complete his work.
    Obstacles: Bring too eager and impatient.

    Heroes or role models: Mother and Father
    Negative role models: His Brothers Fafajoni and Jajariku
    Biggest life influence: His Parents

    Likes or dislikes: female lalafell's/ other females (like), cruelity (dislikes), animals/wolves mostly (likes), candy (likes), hard-work (likes), yelling (dislikes), honesty (like).
    Favorite book, movie, music, etc: Unknown

    Additional information:

    Hometown: Little Ala Mhigo
    Past relationships: Romantically none
    First love: None
    First sexual experience: None

    Major childhood events:
    Best memory: Finding a rare shiny mineral when playing around her home.
    Worst memory: Brothers picking on him and always taking his stuff.
    Saddest memory: Seeing his grandfather pass away.
    Quality of childhood: Loved but sheltered.

    Educational experience/level: Home taught through books and learning from her experienced mother and father. Knows basic history, geography, mathematics, and biology.
    Significant school experiences: Apprenticeship at the Gladiator, Armorer, Blacksmith, Conjurer, Marauder, and the Mining Guild's each for several months.
    Special skills or training: Gladiator, Armorer, Blacksmith, Conjurer, Marauder, and the Mining
    Anything un-skilled, needs work: All protection and healing forums of magic, cooking, making time for others.
    Hobbies: Finding rare items, reading cartoons, making money off his work, running his own company, and playing with his 2 pets.

    Major illnesses, accidents or traumas: Anxiety, Overthinking Everything

    Police record/criminal record: stealing food even if it's to help his family

    Morning routine: Work
    Afternoon routine: Work
    Evening routine: Relax
    Sleep habits: balls up in the covers only his nose sticking out.

    Additional information:


    Born in little ala mhigo in the harsh desert. His mother was a blacksmith while her father was a armoer, they both raised and taught their him how to work in their fields. His brothers where always mean and rude to him giving him a reason to hate them alot. Went to learn other stuff then what his parents had been teaching him, becoming a gladiator, while also learning different skills from conjurer for healing and protective magic, marauder, and mining.

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    bump any RP'ers out there?

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