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Thread: Stormblood Relic Armor Concept Art (and more)

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    Stormblood Relic Armor Concept Art (and more)

    Yes, you heard that right. Relic armor. So get ready to mindlessly farm tomestones and whatever it requires to get that fancy shining armor once you reach level 70 next summer

    Dark Knight

    White Mage (Seems to have gender variants. I know some people will be VERY happy with this)

    Black Mage


    But not just yet, we also have some concept art of Ala Mhigo, and of Zenos Yae Galvus, XIIth Legion Legatus and de facto ruler of Ala Mhigo. And possibly the Main Antagonist of Stormblood

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    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH That WHM gear looks so pretty.....I want it right meow xD

    Thanks for sharing these Delta!

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    A new relic, sounds like i'll be farming for ever

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