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Thread: Starting on FFXIV

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    Starting on FFXIV

    Tomorrow I'll be buying FFXIV along with the heavensward expansion after months of feeling random urges to play the game Cx. Any tips for a new player? Kinda thing that you people wished you knew when you started?

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    There is now what is called a mentor system and novice network. There are also Novice halls that you can do training at to learn more about your chosen class/job once you hit level 15. Make sure you keep up with your hunting log as it gives you XP for killing certain numbers of mobs and takes you through the starting zones. Do fates, quest like hell, and make sure to stay up to date with Class quests as that's how you get some of your new skills! Also, don't be shy to ask people for help. Follow the main scenario! You'll regret it if you have to go back and do large chunks of it since at certain points in the storyline you get long cut scenes. At the moment that's all my coffee deprived brain can think of, but I'm sure others can pitch in with more advice!

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