ARK Roster

Fever Name Steam Name
ArtemisofHT ArtemisofHT
August August
CanidSerpent CanidSerpent
Raphael |Fever| Raphael ☮
SunKenRock SunKenRock
Xeridium Xeridium
Xiantyl Xiantyl

Mailing list

August; Xiantyl; Raphael; Xeridum; SunKenRock; CanidSerpent; ArtemisofHT;

Ark Survival Evolved

MISC Section ARK Job Opportunity

The miscellaneous section is looking for a motivated individual for ARK. The people interested will be responsible for in game management for their assigned sections. You will also be responsible for running or finding the section a game night host. Recruitment and Content Creation can also be handled by you or find your sections people assigned to these area’s.

The purpose of the MISC Section is to help struggling games grow their population and thrive. We currently have almost 60 games listed under the MISC Section most of which have no one at all under them. So saying we need help is an understatement.

Anyone that has been in the clan for any amount of time will meet our requirements which are be the rank SGT or higher and be active in the section. This is also a great opportunity to show how you would run a section on a smaller scale and show the leadership what you're made of. Officer ship recommendations can result depending on how well you manage your section. For those not interested in officer ship you may also get rank ups from the hard work you have shown the section.

If you are interested or have any questions please send a PM

The Recruiting Team

We are always looking for people to help us recruit for Fever Clan.
For those that don't know the Recruiting Team has recruitment threads on various websites. What members of the Recruiting Team do is make sure those threads stay at the top so Fever Clan is the first thing people see when the are looking for a clan, guild or just people to play games with.

The Job

Bump the recruitment threads based on the traffic type set. Traffic types are set based on the activity of the forum or website. If the website is a highly active one that means we would need to bump our recruitment more often to make sure it stays on top of the list. With less activity the thread would need bumped less and the traffic type would be set lower.

Answer any questions that someone may ask on the threads you are bumping. If someone replies to the read you are bumping asking a questions it's your job to answer that question.

The job perks

For every two referrals you get you will receive a rank-up!

For every referral you also get 500 Fever Coins

When you reach 5 referrals you will earn the Recruitment Ribbon There are also ribbons for 15, 35, 100 and 250 referrals

There is also the Recruiter of the Month Award

Content Creator

Being a Content Creator is all about being active in the section of your choice while also giving fresh new information to the section.

We would like you to do 3 posts or threads per week in their dedicated section(If you can , though for smaller sections you are free to post elsewhere)

You are free to be do detailed threads or posts to attract other members / guests into this section

Help out other sections if possible by branching off and helping out other sides of the community

You can do things like keep up with Patch Notes / Updates for the game in their section

Content Creators should present new ideas and ways to have fun for your section

Content Creators are expected to act professional. You're handling the section as if it were your own. Prove you can handle the responsibility

You can receive recognition due to activity (Rank up!)

Award opportunities ( Outstanding Content Creator )

If u are interessed or got any question Pm @SunKenRock

Fever Flair

Would You Like To Show Off Your Skills To The Community? Do You Have Artwork Or Video That Your Proud Of? Then The Flair Section Wants You

The Fever Weekly Department Is Looking For

Video Content From The Games You Play

Avatars Or Signatures That You Have Created

Custom Content That Represents Fever

For more information or for sending your Content pm @SunKenRock