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Thread: Patch Notes

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    - Revamped Dinos: Procoptodon, Gigantopithecus, Direbear, Direwolf, T-Rex, and many new features and fixes, with full patch note details here:
    TLC Phase 1/v278 Patch Notes! - Changelog / Patch Notes - ARK - Official Community Forums
    - New configuration values:
    GameUserSettings.ini (or ? launch param):




    Requires server update.
    - Fixed Dino-attached C4 to not apply damage if it explodes through a mesh.
    - Fixed Tuso to not be able to damage through world geometry.
    - Fixed Zipline-Crossbow shot not working properly on dedicated servers.

    - Fixed another CrossARK character transfer issue. Requires server update.

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    Current Version:
    - Server-side update for Valentine's Day event content (Randomly Colored Dinos & Chocolate Cake "eggs"), optionally run with -vday if you want to use the 3x Mating/Maturation boosts

    - Increased the Procop's weight properly as mention in the TLC patch notes.
    - Fixed an issue with misaligned Direwolf sniff animation.
    - Fixed the Rex's missing color region.
    - Fixed an issue where the Mini Map Marker wouldn't display correctly in certain areas of the game.
    - Slightly decreased Rex's ability to climb slopes.
    - Fixed an issue where the Aberrant Direbear and Aberrant Bigfoot couldn't be transferred off of Aberration.
    - Fixed an issue where the Argent was missing its flying animation when using some mods.
    - Fixed an issue where the Karkinos couldn't jump underwater.
    - Fixed a crash that occurred when loading mods in single player.
    - Fixed an issue where armor would stack on the client side when using folders.
    - Fixed an issue where the Procop was not able to pick up flyers in its pouch.
    - Fixed an issue where the Procop's pouch would not stay open over server restart/relog in single player.

    Server upgrade required! We strongly recommend all servers upgrade to at least 278.1 to avoid client disconnects!
    - Fixed issue where Gigantopithecus were not loading their stats values from previous savegames. Server upgrade required!
    - Grinding Tek structures no longer yields Element Shards

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    Upcoming Version: 279, "TLC Phase 2"
    - Many bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements, misc features to be announced
    - 6 Dinos Updated/Refactored/Reworked:
    Community Crunch 119 & Raptor TLC! - ARK News - ARK - Official Community Forums

    Current Version: 278.54
    * Fixed an exploit that allowed players to get through the map/mesh
    * Fixed issue where a second instance of certain boss fights could be started while someone was already inside
    * Reworked extinction mode save nuking to kill subfolders as well
    * Increased plantx projectile damage by 2.5x
    * Projectiles do 3x damage to durability of chest pieces while a glider is attached
    * Added logic to translate damage from player to their glider
    * Set a 10s cooldown between glides
    * Lowered glide speed by 40%

    Previous Versions:
    - Concluded the Valentine's Day event!

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    * Fixed bug that prevented tribe renaming
    * Separated C4 into their own structure limit category with a limit of 150 per 50m
    * Plugged various holes used to undermesh in The Center, The Island, and Aberration (server side only for now)
    * Plant Z healing effectiveness reduced to 0.5% HP per second for players and 0.33% HP per second for Dinos (with a cap of 80)
    * Fixed Therizino and Moschops cloning exploit

    - Disabled placement of structures when recently stuck in geometry (addresses known undermesh exploits)
    - Fix climbing off of a ladder into geometry (including barriers) temporarily (addresses known undermesh exploits)
    - Prevented closing glider for a brief period after opening (prevents accidental closure when spamming to open)
    - Lower glider cooldown to 3s

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