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Thread: Fever's Rank and Promotion Guide

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    Rank Descriptions


    * There are no requirements to maintain Enlisted ranks. As long as you maintain your membership through forum activity, you will retain the Enlisted rank you have earned.

    Private [PVT] through Corporal [CPL] are probationary members.
    What this means is if you break the rules of Fever, cause frequent minor problems, or act disruptively to other Fever members, you will be removed from Fever. Your main goal here is to figure out if Fever is a good fit for you, and we try to figure out if you are a good fit for Fever.

    Sergeant [SGT] through Master Sergeant [MSG] are members.
    You have made it through probation, congratulations! At this level if you break the rules, cause frequent minor problems, or act disruptively to others, you will be punished or possibly removed from Fever. Even at this rank level, members who sexually harass someone, act racist, or are caught cheating will face immediate removal. Your main job at these ranks is to learn about Fever. Members work towards: figuring out Fever's structure, strive to gain an understanding of what we embody here, and as always, follow our main rule of having fun.

    First Sergeant [1SG] through Sergeant Major [SGM] are senior members.
    You are moving up in the world. If you break the rules, cause frequent minor problems, or act disruptively to others, most of the time you will be punished rather than removed from Fever. More then likely, you will only receive a warning the first time. However, even though you are are considered a senior member, even senior members who sexually harass someone, act racist, or are caught cheating will face immediate removal. Senior members have been with Fever for awhile or they have put in work deserving of a senior member rank.

    Sergeant Major of the Army [SMA] is the highest regular member rank.
    You are now the tallest short straw. Members at this rank have shown dedication to Fever, possess a good working knowledge of the Fever rules. They also provide guidance to other Enlisted members. Sergeant Major of the Army can also be former officers that no longer wish to be an officer in Fever. At this point in the game, you have been around for a while, done great work at Fever jobs, and / or you have recruited a lot of people. This is the time Fever's Officers and Leaders will be looking at you for possible promotion to Officer.

    Vetted Member |VM| is a specialty rank for Enlisted members.
    It is earned by a long stretch of continued activity within Fever and being an asset to the community. Awarding an Enlisted member the rank of |VM| is Leadership's way of saying thank you in a special way, by giving you a rare rank.


    * In order to maintain your Officer rank; you must have one or more jobs. At 2LT - 1LT one of those jobs must be within the Recruiting Department. At CPT - MAJ you may either hold a job within the Recruiting Department or a defined in-game job (in-game Officer is not a defined job). At LTC - COL one of those jobs must be a defined in-game job (in-game Officer is not a defined job).

    Second Lieutenant [2LT] and First Lieutenant [1LT] are junior officers.
    Welcome to grunt work! At this point you will work within the Recruiting Department as one of your primary jobs. You also get the added benefit of seeing Officer Chat, or O chat as we call it. Take the time to read EVERY single sticky within the Officers Forums. This will answer a lot of your initial questions, provide you with a better understanding of what we do, how we do it, and why we do it. Your main job here is to have a opinion and a voice that is your own without being unnecessarily contentious.

    Captain [CPT] and Major [MAJ] are officers.
    You have hit your stride; you excel at the jobs you have taken on or jobs you have been delegated. Your primary responsibilities are to take care of your Recruiting Department work, work your jobs, and continue to have an opinion and voice within your section. As an officer within Fever, you should know the rules well and personify them. At Major, you are given Server Admin (SA) on Discord. This is a big deal; you are now able to ban Guest users who are spammers, trolls, or ragers.

    Lieutenant Colonel [LTC] and Colonel [COL] are senior officers.
    It is time for you to refine your skills. Lieutenant Colonel [LTC] is an officer who stands out from the rest of the officers. LTC's and COL's transition from working within the Recruiting Department to making a significant impact in-game. LTC's and COL's manage the Enlisted members and Officers in their area or department. They ensure that their assigned game areas run well, actively promote events, oversee recruiting, and run administrative sections. Colonel [COL] is someone who has proven their officer skills and is being readied for promotion to the general ranks.


    * In order to maintain your General rank; you must have one or more jobs. One of these jobs must be a Department Assistant Director or Director or job approved by the Head of HR.

    Brigadier General [BG] are junior generals.
    You are now part of the major leagues; sorry no guaranteed salary minimum here, you are still a volunteer. This rank is all about the members. Your whole job is to keep the peace, process applications, administer the forums, find improvements if possible, run the sections, etc. Each and every General has a specific job that they perform. They outrank a Captain [CPT] or a Colonel [COL] for sure, but that does not mean their voice necessarily outweighs even a Private's. This rank simply means they have done a ton of work, and they have been rewarded with more work and responsibility. Brigadier Generals [BG] are an example of what other Officers should strive to be. At this rank, the Leaders and Founders will be looking at you as a possible Leader in Training. You will make mistakes in the beginning, but it will be a valuable learning experience.

    Major General [MG] are generals.
    You have either more seniority, more responsibilities, more important tasks, or a combination of them over Brigadier Generals [BG].

    Lieutenant General [LTG] are generals.
    You oversee clan infrastructure, having less to do with direct interaction of members, and more of dealing with the things that keep the clan running like a well oiled machine.

    General [GEN] are senior generals.
    The last rank before leadership, Generals have proven their loyalty to Fever and its members. Their dedication exceeds day to day tasks; they ensure members, officer, fellow generals, leaders, and founders have synergy towards maintaining Fever's standards and pushing forward the improvement of the main aspects of Fever's upkeep.


    * In order to maintain your Leader rank; you must have one or more jobs. One of these jobs must be a Department Head or job assigned by Bogo.

    Commander of the Army [COA] are junior leaders.
    You are a leader of the whole Fever Clan community. You have proven that they can be trusted with keys to the kingdom.

    General of the Army [GOA] are leaders.
    You rarely make mistakes, essentially what you say is the same as a Founder [FDR], basically you are among those who hold the final authority of Fever Clan.

    Founder [FDR] are the founding members of Fever.
    There are only four and they will never change. They are the big cheese, the people behind the curtain, the big kahunas, the kingpins, the bosses: Bogo, Dewster74, Kirbz, and Virus (on a side note, Virus is Fever's main programmer. Anyone else find that funny?). They started Fever and they have run it ever since. Do not be afraid to approach them on the forums, discord, or through private message. Their job is to make sure you are having fun and that your voice is heard regardless of how silly you think it is. I would like to tell you what these guys' jobs are but it is a secret to everybody. Essentially, they make the final decisions on topics big and small (when necessary) and help administer Fever as a whole.

    Extended Leave of Absence

    * To request being placed in the VO rank, send a private message to Bob_o explaining why you are requesting to be placed on an extended leave. When you want to return from VO send a private message to Bob_o explaining why you are ready to resume your duties.

    Vetted Officer |VO| are Officers or Generals who are on a short term leave of absence.
    In order to be eligible for this rank, an Officer (MAJ+) or General must have been an Officer or General of the clan for at least six months or more. If an Officer or General does not meet this requirement, he or she be placed in a Leave of Absence rank or be returned to his or her previous rank. As an Officer or General who has been approved to be on a short term absence, you can take a break for up to three months by being placed at this rank. You still have a voice and you still quasi-hold your previous rank. However, you do not have jobs and you are only around a limited basis. If you are not able to return after three months, you will be placed on in a Leave of Absence rank. When you return to full duty, most of the time you will be placed back at the rank you had when you took a short term leave. Remember that VO is still regarded as an Officer or General rank, and multi-clanning is not allowed. If you need to take a break, feel free to do so. You have earned it, enjoy it, and stay around with the clan you have helped build.

    Retired |RET| are leaders who are on a leave of absence.
    When a Commander of the Army |COA|, General of the Army |COA|, or Founder |FDR| no longer able to perform their duties due to real life events or changes, they are placed into the Retired |RET| Rank. Make sure you show them the same respect you would show any of the active Leaders and Founders. Retired |RET| members have earned it.
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    How to get Promoted

    General Promotion Information


    Every two weeks, Onehandluke [GOA] reviews all of the Enlisted members for possible promotion. These promotions are mainly based on your activity within Fever's forums. The higher the Enlisted rank you are, the more active you need to be to earn the next rank. Otherwise, Onehandluke [GOA] usually grants a promotion to probationary members who have been active on the forums. Finally, two weeks after you join Fever, you automatically receive a promotion to Private First Class [PFC] as a thank you for choosing Fever as your gaming community and new family.


    This is by far the quickest way to get promoted. For every two people you recruit, you get a rank up. You can get all the way to Sergeant Major of the Army [SMA] rank through recruiting. Once you hit Sergeant Major of the Army [SMA], you no longer receive a rank up for every two people you recruit. However, continued recruiting at Sergeant Major of the Army [SMA] and Officer+ is one attribute that will help you get promoted further.

    A successful recruit is someone who registers on the website, fills out an application, puts your Fever name for "Referrer Username:", completes an interview, and joins Fever.

    Here a a few suggestions of ways that you can recruit:

    - If you enjoyed playing with someone, add them to your in-game friend list. Talk to them and invite them to join Fever.

    - Play your game, whether you win or lose, put in the message bar afterwards. Hopefully they will remember your name for the application and boom, you have a recruit.

    - Join the recruitment team; one of their primary responsibilities is to create and bump recruitment threads in game forums. Posting a recruitment thread is a great way to get Fever's name out there and get more recruits.

    - Bring your friends! Do you have real life friends or online friends that are into gaming? If so, have them join Fever. College students, connect with your local video game club. Invite them to join, we have an existing website, large Discord server, and a cooking forum.

    - Lastly, streaming is a really easy way to recruit. Get an interesting overlay, put your name and on it, make your stream entertaining, stream any chance you can, ???, and profit. There was one guy who recruited almost one hundred new members into Fever in just one month from streaming. Guess what he did to get recruits, virtually nothing. He just streamed while he played Dota 2 and had fun. Here is a link to our stream forums: Streams


    You can find a list of jobs in the members' section of the forums; the thread is called Fever Jobs - Available & Current. Some jobs have rank restrictions, which usually means that you have to be an Officer or higher to do that job. Most jobs are open to anyone, read over the list, find one that interests you, and contact the person in charge of it. Make sure you choose jobs you want to do; having a big list of jobs will not help you get promoted if you are not completing them. If you are open to taking any job in the game or section you are active in, let that section's Officers know that you would like to do more, and ask how you can help.

    If there are not any jobs open that interest you, find a way to make one. Think of something new that Fever needs, write it up, and post it in the suggestions section. If it gets approved, volunteer to do as much as you are comfortable in the newly created job. Also, keep an eye out for when leadership ask for people to take over or head-up something. Most jobs do not take much time away from gaming, so grab a few and get going.

    Extra Effort

    Once in a while, you will see an entry in the news feed that references members getting promoted. You can view the majority of Fever's changes in the log section of the forums. Specifically if you read through the promotions logs, you can see that some members receive a one time rank up for going above and beyond. That is their reward for putting in extra effort; we like to see that for the obvious reasons as it means that you are helping build Fever and are a valuable asset.

    Normally, these rank ups are observed and giving by Generals and up. However, suggestions from Officers and even Enlisted members can result in a rank up. Know someone who is going the extra mile, send a private message to a Officer stating you believe that member should be promoted and include the reason why. When you put forth the extra effort, you will get noticed for helping out either a member, a section, or the clan as a whole. Good guys and gals do not finish last here, they go far.


    Leading entails quite a few things. It can be broken down into two main categories, how to lead and types of leaders.

    Be a leader by setting an example for others to follow, using your words to motivate and direct work, or both. If you are gifted with a silver tongue, words come naturally, talking about things you would like to change is easy, and having the people listen to you is common place. Being a Leader by example usually what most people are good at and it is great way to lead. If you strive to be the best at whatever it is that you do, others will follow out of respect, and you will inspire people to be the best at what they do, too. Stating that you wish something would change and then doing the work for that change is the "both" that I was talking about. Those people are the most effective leaders out there.

    There are two types of leaders, natural leaders and learned leaders. Natural leaders are fairly rare; it means just what it says, you were born with the ability to lead. Learned leaders are the most prominent type of leaders in the world. Before you can lead, you must learn to follow. You should follow another leader and learn what to do and what not to do. Watch and listen to those who lead, and ask questions if you do not understand why they are doing something. Take note of what works well and what does not. If they make a mistake, use it as a learning opportunity for yourself, so you can avoid making the same mistake in the future.

    What it all boils down to, is if someone is arguing, raging, trolling, make sure you speak out. Get them to stop their toxic behavior, and if they will not stop, find an Officer or General to deal with the problem. When we stop this kind of behavior, all of Fever is better off for it. Correcting these problems keeps the gears in Fever running happily and smoothly. Those who try to keep the gears turning always get noticed and noted by Officers and Generals. Being a positive influence is a great way to make a difference and as a result get promoted.

    Becoming an Officer

    For starters, any of the above topics greatly help your chances of becoming an officer. Working on all of the above at once is a sure way to gain an Officer rank. Another thing that helps is to let leadership know that you are interested in becoming an Officer by posting in the Officer Application thread. One thing to keep in mind is what being an Officer entails. Read through the various Officer ranks, and you will see it is: a lot of repetitive and monotonous work, repetitive and monotonous work, repetitive and monotonous work, acceptance into our special forums, a larger voice in what happens in Fever, and the possibility of one day making it to being one of Fever’s overall Leaders.

    A few extra things that will make it easy to become an officer is be nice, be active on the forums, and be active in general. Seriously, do not be mean, coarse, or rude to people. We keep an eye on that, and I know I would not want to follow orders from someone I had a problem with. Activity on the forums is more than 123,412,342 posts that are basically one word sentences, "yah", "true", "agreed", or just posting pictures. When you post, state something thoughtfully, explain your reasoning, otherwise you add nothing to the conversation. Being active in general helps leadership's opinion of you by: seeing a member who's been in Fever for a month, was already promoted five times because of recruiting, has received a promotion from a General+, and has over 100 posts. That is a real quick way to get noticed.

    For those Officers who are stuck in a rut rank-wise and want to do something about it, take action. Talk with your department heads about how you can improve, look at other Officers who are being promoted around you. Reach out to them, find out what they are doing, and emulate them. They must be doing something right to get promoted, so it will not hurt for you to try and figure out what they are doing that you are not.
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