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Thread: Discord Nickname / Official Tags

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    Discord Nickname / Official Tags

    On our forums and discord we have a uniform standard for our members, as such, clan members should have their tags in the following format below. Please do not have any extra characters, information, side names, advertisements, ect.

    |Fever| Name |Rank|

    Is the official format for FeverClan; as such the official nickname for FeverClan Discord. Apologizes, I do not think this was fully conveyed after switching over from teamspeak to discord.

    - Fever Leadership

    Rank List

    Enlisted Ranks

    Officer Ranks
    Title Abbreviation Insignia
    Second Lieutenant 2LT
    First Lieutenant 1LT
    Captain CPT
    Major MAJ
    Lieutenant Colonel LTC
    Colonel COL

    General Ranks
    Title Abbreviation Insignia
    Brigadier General BG
    Major General MG
    Lieutenant General LTG
    General GEN

    Leader Ranks
    Title Abbreviation Insignia
    FeverClan Leader LDR
    FeverClan Founder FDR

    Extended Leave Ranks
    Title Abbreviation Insignia
    Vetted Officer VO
    Retired RET
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