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Thread: Quality Assurance Team!

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    Are we still required to post every 2 weeks?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeetleBaily View Post
    Are we still required to post every 2 weeks?
    Yes, it is still listed in the Fever Standard to do so. Which, in all honesty, is not very hard to do.

    5.) Fever members are required to stay active on our forums by posting regularly and including themselves in our community. At the very least we ask that you post every 2 weeks or you may be removed from membership due to inactivity.
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    @BeetleBaily @Linessah
    Technically, not even that is needed. We're checking the "Last Activity" field where the value can be seen on your profile. Making posts is a 100%-sure way of renewing that counter however other actions usually will also work (Visitor messages, like/thank for posts). Even just logging in should work, but it's not always sure the forum will catch that.

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