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    I used to run Vent & TS servers for years. Discord will dominate for many reasons. User-friendly, chat/channel capabilities, picture/video messaging, oh, and all free. That is just to name a few.

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    Thanks Bogo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bun-Bun View Post
    While searching for updated news on Discord I came across that 6 days prior to this post you were in another thread saying you really hope we don't switch over to discord and reinforced that sentiment a couple more posts in.

    I can't help but be puzzled by your criticism of my feedback when you yourself didn't want the switch to happen.
    If you searched deeper, or maybe spoke to me about it in person, any Leader, General, or anyone in the Graphics Dept. would vouch that I did my research and ended up standing by it for the sake of Fever. Yes, at first I didn't want the switch BUT after doing my long and hard research, the switch was worth it.

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