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    I used to run Vent & TS servers for years. Discord will dominate for many reasons. User-friendly, chat/channel capabilities, picture/video messaging, oh, and all free. That is just to name a few.

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    Thanks Bogo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bun-Bun View Post
    While searching for updated news on Discord I came across that 6 days prior to this post you were in another thread saying you really hope we don't switch over to discord and reinforced that sentiment a couple more posts in.

    I can't help but be puzzled by your criticism of my feedback when you yourself didn't want the switch to happen.
    If you searched deeper, or maybe spoke to me about it in person, any Leader, General, or anyone in the Graphics Dept. would vouch that I did my research and ended up standing by it for the sake of Fever. Yes, at first I didn't want the switch BUT after doing my long and hard research, the switch was worth it.

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    Discord has many advantages over TS:

    You don't lose your PMs when it closes. DMs stay with you until you delete them.
    It's free.
    Permission groups are easy to maintain.
    Chat channels and voice channels make communication easy.
    ... it's free.

    Our TS also had a propensity to crashing and DDOSing. Not really so much of an issue with Discord.

    Prior posts need to calm their proverbial shit. Resurrecting a thread to squabble - I mean... c'mon, take it to PMs, please.
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    I have been using Discord for a long time (along side with Teamspeak)
    Discord is finally getting close to compete with TS.
    They still have a bit work to do on noice cancellation, but atm that is not a problem for me, since I use PTT.

    The thing I like with Disc is the availability it provides, you can still chat with your friends, until you are ready to get on your gaming rig and actually game

    I know there are people out there who are stubborn and don't want to switch away from TS (me included) but it is easier to maintain and formed to suit your needs.

    As all new applications, it has some minor issues, but nothing major that breaks the service.

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    Um...just logged into Discord and no Fever clan sever?! Did I not get the memo lolz...any info would be awesome, thx, Pez
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    Looks like someone already fixed your permissions should be all set

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    I'm super glad I came back to a discord being in use - it's such a more versatile and social platform compared to TS3. Joining now!

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    I've been drinking so I'm not afraid to post on an older thread... Discord all the way!!!
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