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Thread: Announcing Vainglory Guild

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    Announcing Vainglory Guild

    I am creating an in game Feverclan guild for Vainglory with help from @Sithis , @Bob_o, and @Baum.

    I plan to have gamenights to be announced based on interest. I have gone ahead and created the guild in game FeverClan, but as those of you that play VG know its not very easy to search for a guild. So if you have an interest add me IGN Ragnor518 and I will send you and invite. As of right now guild membership is open to those in Fever and those who are not. Obviously the goal being to promote Fever whenever possible. As of now membership cap is 20 so if we do get a lot of interest then we can do clan offshoots if there are any Fever members who would be willing to lead another clan. But that's getting ahead of things for now hoping to promote interest in the VG guild and see how many fever members play.

    On a side note I have tested discord and it will run in the background while playing VG, at least on my phone and tablet, so that will make for some fun VG gaming with the Fever community. I would like to thank Fever leadership for this opportunity, and I look forward to gaming with you all.

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    Also if you do send me a friend request in game let me know you are from fever so I can add you

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    Is this still a thing? I have a guild on Vainglory with 15-20 members. Alot of which I know IRL and are 20-25. Could definitely get them playing with fever.

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