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Thread: Looking for people to play with

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    Looking for people to play with

    As the title says Id like to have some friends with me, if possible on EU cause thats where Ive been playing, but I have recently started to play NA as well, but sadly my hero pool is very limited, but still its possible to play NA, I like supporting a lot, but can fulfill any role.

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    Regardless of skill level or heroes id be more than willing to play quick matches just for the fun of playing.



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    Sixxed#1716. Add me. I'd be up for some games

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    hit me up if you see me ign:birdy4now or add me birdy4now#1429

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    NicsunBE#2880 --> invite me for a game when I'm online!

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    I am new to the fever but played HOTS from alpha, if anyone is up to play ranked (gold 1 in solo)or just for lvls add me without any hesitation.

    Cheers hf gl happy hunting!

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    I am always down to play. Just hit me up on discord, i am usually always on in hots channel

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