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Thread: Lucio coming to Heroes!

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    Im curious how much wall ride will come up. Probably much better against organized teams than QM.
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    Hes speed boost is amazing I'm so glad they picked a new support

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    I played a couple matches as Lucio last night, and really enjoyed him. Its going to take some getting used to him on a HOTS level, but playing him so much in OW gives a good starting point on how to utilize him. You have got to be super active with him, but he is fun for sure.

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    I'm saving up my coins for him now! He looks so much fun!

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    Well he is the best one from overwatch that they added(so far) more into trying him out than the other two.



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    Well, they all have different rolls. Would be hard to really say one is better than the other, however I like him the most so far.

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