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Thread: RD2L Season 14 Signups are Live!

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    RD2L Season 14 Signups are Live!

    Season 14 Sign-Ups are now open for both Captains & Players!
    To Sign-Up visit the website and click on the register tab at the top.

    You will have to sign-in using your steam account on the website, this is the same method that dotabuff and similar websites use, we will not have access to any of your Steam login info. We’ll collect your badge from Dota, you will be asked if you want to captain or not, if you choose maybe it means that if we do not have enough captains near the end of sign-ups we will contact you and ask if you’re willing to move to captain.

    Lastly you will be able to add a player comment, it’s a good idea to add what roles you’d like to play and how many times you'd like to scrim a week, as well as any other pertinent information you think the captain that drafts you should know.

    April 3: Signups Open

    April 29: Signups Close

    May 6: Draft Week

    May 13: Scrim Week 0

    May 20: Week 1

    July 22: Playoffs Begin

    PST-Sunday - 7 PM PST

    EST-Sunday - 9 PM EST

    EST-Monday - 9 PM EST

    EST-Wednesday (Flex) - 9 PM EST

    CEST Wednesday - 20.30 CEST

    CEST Sunday - 19.30 CEST

    Changes to Season 14:
    For those unaware, we’ve had a couple rule changes for this season. Teams are now 6 players, and all players on a team must play at least one game per week, no more players being benched for the entire season. Minor updates have also occurred to our standin, free agent, and player draft systems, full details can be found on the rules page of our website, we think these improvements will make the season more enjoyable for everyone.

    Players are now also able to sign up for a second division should they wish to. Players can still only sign up for one of EST-Sunday, EST-Monday, and PST-Sunday, but should they desire they may sign up for one of those three and then EST-Wednesday, the flex division, as well. Players may not sign up for EST-Monday and PST-Sunday though, for example. Information on the flex division in more detail can also be found on the rules page of our website. For this sign up, simply register for the division you want, then hit register again and click on the registration for the flex division as well. You may also only sign up for flex if you wish.

    Important Note:
    If you believe that you will miss more than 6 of the 16 regular season games then we recommend you do not sign up, signups that state they will miss a majority of games will be removed. Additionally, if you sign up as a player you are consenting to play on the team you are drafted onto. Players who sign up with comments refusing to play in certain situations or comments that are overly toxic will be removed, they are not in the spirit of our league.

    Admins reserve the right to edit badges for players who do not have accurate badges. For full up to date information, it is recommended that you join our discord servers, links can be found on the website and subreddit side bars.

    Feel free to message any of the members of the admin team on discord should you have any questions about sign-ups or the league in general.

    Head Admin: Mr. Matieu

    EU Admins: Denden (CET-Wed), Mikel & WaruiKagemusha (CET-Sun), Sbx320 & Crazyduck.

    NA Admins: Pyro & Diaspora (EST-Mon), Treebeard and TX (PST-Sun), Smacktrickz & Polo (EST-Sun), Walrus (EST-Wed), Danny & Kabobrocks (Website).

    If you are having any issues signing up please contact us, we hope you all enjoy the new season!

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    deadline is approaching fast. any questions? message me on discord.

    This league is a ton of fun. You don't need a team to sign up, ( you actually have to sign up as a solo player). Everyone from low to high mmr will learn something from this.

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