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Thread: RD2L Dota League Draft kicks off next week

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    RD2L Dota League Draft kicks off next week

    RD2L is kicking off its 13th Season! This season runs from late the start of January until the end of March, signups end on January 5th.

    What is RD2L?
    The Redditors' Dota 2 League (RD2L) is a casual and competitive league for individual players of all skill levels. It's a great way to experience organized Dota 2 without the heavy time commitments and scheduling uncertainty involved in forming a team for a typical league.

    You can either sign up as a captain or a player. Captains get to draft from the available pool of players in their division to form a team of 6 (5 players plus captain, one extra player since not everybody can always play every week). This team plays through an 8 week season culminating in an inter-divisional playoff for the top teams in each division. Each week your team plays a Captain's Mode BO2 against a team of similar skill.

    Why Play RD2L?
    All skill levels welcome! While the average MMR in RD2L is high 3k - low 4k, we have players from 1k - 6k in the league. More experienced players can improve their team work, communication, and leadership skills while helping the lower MMR players improve their game skills.
    Balanced matches. By drafting teams (similar to fantasy football), teams tend to be generally even in overall player skill. Also, regular season matchmaking pits teams with similar records against each other each week to avoid unbalanced matchups.
    A great way to build a stack. Through inhouses and regular season matches, build a group of friends to stack and queue with. Teams made up of RD2L players regularly play in Battle Cups, AD2L, Echo League, and Valve Event Qualifiers.
    Develop your captaining and leadership skills. Whether you captain this season or are mentored by one, RD2L is a great place to improve at CM. Drafting, strategy, and team play are all much more important than your average ranked pub game.
    Signing up:
    Captain and Player Sign-Ups and Information: Captains get to draft players and run their team. New captains must be at least 3k solo MMR (legend or above medal), and must be approved by an admin vouch.

    Players sign up to be drafted into a team. To sign up as a player you must have played at least 500 games and have 250 wins. Your steam profile / dota stats must also be public to successfully sign up. There is no minimum MMR for players.

    Sign-ups work on a first come first serve basis. The number of players we can support each season is limited by the number of captains that sign up, so being a captain is the best way to ensure you get a spot. (However, we typically ask for volunteers from returning players and previous captains if more are needed after sign-ups end, so don't feel pressure to sign-up as a captain.) If as a player you go undrafted, you can still be added to a team that needs you during the season as a Free Agent.

    Season 13 Schedule - This subreddit post has additional information, including some rules changes.

    If you're having signup issues, refer to this FAQ for troubleshooting. If that doesn't work, send a message to an admin in Discord in the #site-bug-reports channel. Please have screenshots or other helpful information for identifying and resolving the problem. You can also use our subreddit's modmail or PM me here and we'll get you a response as soon as we can.

    When you sign up you will choose a division for a day/time where you'll be regularly available. For the entire regular season, your matches will start at the same time on the same night of the week! For example, the EST-SUN division plays every Sunday on US East Servers at 9 PM EST.

    Divisions list:

    Match Time Server Days
    9 PM CET EU West Wednesday
    8 PM CET EU West Sunday
    9 PM EST US East Sunday
    9 PM EST US East Monday
    9 PM PST US West Sunday
    If you have any questions you can always send me a PM or find me in Discord and PM me there.

    Helpful Links
    RD2L Subreddit

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    This sounds awesome, thanks for sharing.

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    anyone end up signing up for this?

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    Nah I'm more focused on preparing my team for this season of JDL

    <23:46:05> "|Fever| Niine |COL|": <22:45:54> You poked "|Fever| Daddy |GEN|" with message: Hey Daddy, can I have a pet rock?
    <22:465> "|Fever| Daddy |GEN|" pokes you: Two
    <22:46:11> You poked "|Fever| Daddy |GEN|" with message: :O

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    I signed up but haven't heard anything yet...

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