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Thread: Season 14, an update...

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    Season 14, an update...


    My goals for season 14 have been moving along rather nicely. I've used only the Marauder set for rifts, bounties, and greater rifts. Season achievements are, I think, done for me with a total of 970 points. The last I looked on the leaderboard for it I was sitting at roughly 150 of 1000. Stash space I have still, though it's been creeping more toward 'where's my space gone' end of the line. Working only one toon this season has helped a lot with that. On that note, my sister has decided to give D3 a try and I've started a Barbarian to run with her through story mode. My DH is my main and will continue to be til the season ends. Paragon wise I'm near to 805. Having some doubt about hitting 1000 but I'll be damn close to it, I hope, when the season ends.

    As usual, Kadala has been a royal pain in buttocks. I think I'd have better luck getting something better at an actual blood donation station. Oh well, still running, gunning, and looting as ever.

    Good hunting and speedy rifts,


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    Good job; and there is still plenty of time to go up an additional 200 paragons. You will be there long before the season ends.

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    You're much further along in your seasonal goals than I am; unfortunately work is having me attend a class that's been giving me homework every night. Ah well, still plenty of time left in the season.

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    Nice congrats. I have met my season goal of >1000 paragon and play only the monk class, so I'm really happy about that. Guess I'll go for 1500 paragon

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    Good job! I have a goal of 1000 paragon as well. about 890 right now I should be able to get it!

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