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Thread: Season 14 goals

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    Season 14 goals

    For each season I normally pick up some goals and Season 14 is no different. I did hit my goals for last season barely and on the last week of season. This season I will have a bit different goals with one of the goals being much lower than last season.

    1. Complete full Season Journey
    2. Get on NA leaderboards on Wizard, 2, 3 and 4-man GRs
    3. Solo GR 112 on Wizard
    4. Paragon level 2000
    5. Play only Wizard, no other character
    6. Learn new build, thinking about Archon as I never truly played it before
    7. Augment all Ancient items on 5 different builds (Solo, Group, Archon, farmer builds, zWiz)

    I know he list is long and I will be at disadvantage for not having Necro or Barb for Rat runs regarding paragon level, which is why my xp goal is less than half of last season when I had 2515 paragon. One benefit I get is that all the gear drops are for single character, which should get me well geared. It also means I'll need to partner with zMonk for any high level pushes in 2, 3, 4-man scenarios, so I will be looking for zMonk to run with most of the time.

    So what are your goals for the season 14?
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    Only 2 goals this season
    1600 PARAGON.
    Play Only Crusader.

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    1. 2000 paragon
    2. 5 characters in the top 500 on solo leaderboards.
    3. Top 1000 2, 3, 4 player leaderboards.

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    1. Barb Grift of 100 +
    2. HC WD to Grift of 70 +
    3. Learn zBarb
    4. Enjoy the Sun and the sand at the Beach from 13-20 July (then game to catch up when I get back)
    5. Maybe a second toon to play around with in SC like necro pest build (but want to work with main toon more and HC to my goal or death, which ever comes first then it's done)
    6. Make most weekly events while not on vacation as sketchy internet there so most likely no gaming.
    7. and most important enjoy gaming with Clan mates and meet many more along the way.

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    1. Play only monk
    2. Learn zmonk
    3. Paragon 1000+
    4. Complete season journey
    5. Have fun with clan mates

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    Going with crusader again this season so ...
    paragon of 1000
    solo GR 100
    complete season journey
    have really enjoyed groups and hope to continue and expand doing them

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    My goals are to complete the season journey, and then master all set dungeons for crusader or DH (both if I stay focused that long).

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    Resting this season.

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