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Thread: Squads/Teams for S13: Master list

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    Updated Squads and added LFG (actually Looking for Squad) section as well.

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    I'd like to start (or join) a squad but here's the snag. When I'm playing during the week (typically around 11AM UK time) there are few members online (typically around 4 or 5 inclusive of me). If anyone would be interested in joining a squad (probably called BridgeOverTroubledWaters) let me know and I will create (or ask for it to be created). If there's no replies or interest, are there any squads that are on in sociable hours to me (up to 9PM UK time) that has a spare slot? It gets very annoying when you ask in clan chat to do something together (especially Challenge Rifts)and get no replies at all.
    Chris (Delphinium#21394)

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    Can't wait for the next season, atm I'm working on a rat build for high GR's in the current season. I am having problems with soloing a GR75 much less anything else. Using a command skelly/mages build. Any ideas or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I normally play during the day on Diablo as mon-thur and saturday I am raiding on WoW in the evenings. (967 frost, 962 blood DK and 962 havoc DH)

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