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Thread: ZMonk ready to push

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    ZMonk ready to push

    Not to sound like a broken record, but I have a Zmonk ready to go for anyone that is looking to push GR's. With current setup, did an 82, so can only go up from here as I get more para, drops, etc. If you guys see me on, and need the heals, hit me up. Really only doing the zmonk, no other toons to mess with. That means I am always available to heal.

    Also too, if anyone is looking to setup up a regular progression group, I am available for that also. On most days, and nights.

    My in game name is Obaz. Confuses some people as my TS and forum name is Zahbo.

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    I wish I could run with you every day and every night Obaz !! Unfortunately, I'm on a weird work schedule these days. I will be available morning from 10 to 12 the next 2 days and all day pretty much on the weekends (it all depends on the gf's last minute pushing me to do something I don't want to do of course like shopping grrr)
    Next week I should be available nights from 7 to 11 or so..

    Zbarb forever !

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    I just finished my firebat WD build, just need to work on gems now. i would be happy to run with ya whenever i am on, my scheduled is a bit weird, classes just started back up and i work part time on the weekends and i live in hawaii, so just hit me up when u see me on.

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