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Thread: ESO - In Game Roster - Information

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    User ID: ScottyDosentKnow
    Main Character: Scotty Doesnt Know - 7
    Profession: Havent Decided
    Role: DPS/Tank
    Focus : ALL
    Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time @Viscus

    Is Viscus still running this?

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    User ID: VulpesVelox86
    Main Character: Mortis Vulpes
    Profession: TBA
    Role: Damage
    Focus: PVE
    Time Zone: EST

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    I disappeared from the d3 scene because I totally got addicted to ESO, I played the closed beta and launch a and I quite a few weeks afterwards I decided to buy mirrorwind thinking hey they should have worked out the bugs by now.... now I love the game.

    User ID: @MaDGaR
    Main Character: Gambara
    Profession: I am trying to do clothing and provision with all the skill points I am getting doing all of the pve content I think I might be able to do more or less we will see.
    Role: Werewolve, warden, DPS bow/guardian combo.
    Focus: DPS at the moment im a noob dunno what I am doing. my CP is level 50 cp 165.... But today I should be 200 if not very close to it. my goal is 680 i think is max?
    Time Zone:

    this is all subject to change right now I am literally doing every quest and exploration Ican in all unlimited version so far I have done pact and I have one area left of dagger fall then I will start the new area of the high elves which is my least favorite. I love achivements and i want to complete everything the only thing i have not compelted in pact or daggerfall is the world bosses that I think we should do as a team :P every single one every single area.

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    Its Dead
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