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Thread: May 2018 FSL

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    May 2018 FSL

    Tournament Bracket for May:
    Fever Star League - FSL May 2018 - Platinum/Diamond/Masters Division - Challonge
    Fever Star League - FSL May 2018 - Bronze/Silver/Gold Division - Challonge

    Hello all. Sorry for the delay. Due to the low participation in the last tournament and low sign up this tournament, I tried delaying to see if anyone else got interested. Especially due to the low participation, this will be the last monthly FSL run in the original style for a while. Namely, summer is starting and a lot of people take a one week vacation, etc, and may become unreachable. In addition, we are considering some potential revamps to the tournament process to make the tournaments more engaging. Stay tuned in the following months to see what we have in stock! Since this was delayed and summer is here, there will be 2 weeks allotted for each round (especially since the PDM bracket starts in semi-finals and the BSG only has one match).

    Start and end date and time of each round is as follows:

    Round 1: 20th of May, until 11PM EST 2nd of June
    Round 2: 2n of June, until 11PM EST 17th of June

    Platinum/Diamond/Masters Bracket:

    Round 1 - Semi-Finals:
    @JunKie [LeJunKie #6256] vs @proteggiore [Proteggiore#1281]
    @Reaper314159 [Reaper#15262] vs @Raydiana [Raydiana#1285]



    Bronze/Silver/Gold Bracket:


    @haoryuad [Alphamon#1934] vs @Moonkhan (Moonkhan#2801)

    Once you and your opponent have scheduled a time for your match, please inform a tournament admin so that we know your match is scheduled (in case of a no-show or other potential problems). If a match isn't organised and thus isn't played, decision will be made at the Tournament admins discretion .

    The winner would be expected to inform the tournament admins of their victory.

    The winner will be marked in the FSL Hall of Fame - Fever Star League

    The FSL will follow all the rules mentioned in the SC2 Tournament format and rules thread - SC2 Tournament Rules and Format

    The tournament admin is @proteggiore.

    Good Luck and Have Fun!
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    Good luck, all!

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