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Thread: April FSL 2018

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    April FSL 2018

    Tournament Bracket for April: Fever Star League - FSL April 2018 -

    As there was only 3 sign ups for BSG, this month has NOT been separated into BSG and DPM. However, since only Haory from the BSG actually signed up on time without me hunting him down, he is awarded a bye into the second round seed and will face the winner of the only first round BSG match of gebug vs lachimus

    Start and end date and time of each round is as follows:

    Round 1: 2nd of April, until 11PM EST 8th of April
    Round 2: 9th of April, until 11PM EST 15th of April
    Round 3: 16th of April, until 11PM EST 22nd of April
    Round 4: 23rd of April, until 11PM EST 29th of April


    Round 1:

    @proteggiore [proteggiore#1281] vs @okto [okto#11380]
    @Megas [megas#1290] vs @Shiva [Shiviandemon#1467]
    @LachimusPrime [st0rmhanD#1522] vs @gebug [gebug#1318]

    Round 2:

    @Kazik [Kaz#1366] vs @JunKie [LeJunKie #6256]
    @BurningWillow [Willow#11743] vs @okto [okto#11380]
    @haoryuad [Alphamon#1934] vs @gebug [gebug#1318]
    @Reaper314159 [Reaper#15262] vs @Shiva [Shiviandemon#1467]

    Round 3 - Semi-Finals:

    @JunKie [LeJunKie #6256] vs @BurningWillow [Willow#11743]
    @Reaper314159 [Reaper#15262] vs [No winner, Moves on to next round]


    @Reaper314159 [Reaper#15262] vs [Winner of LeJunkie v BurningWillow]

    Once you and your opponent have scheduled a time for your match, please inform a tournament admin so that we know your match is scheduled (in case of a no-show or other potential problems). If a match isn't organised and thus isn't played, decision will be made at the Tournament admins discretion .

    The winner would be expected to inform the tournament admins of their victory.

    The winner will be marked in the FSL Hall of Fame - Fever Star League

    The FSL will follow all the rules mentioned in the SC2 Tournament format and rules thread - SC2 Tournament Rules and Format

    The tournament admin is @proteggiore.

    Good Luck and Have Fun!
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    Who's winning..?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LachimusPrime View Post
    Who's winning..?
    The challonge link is always updated as soon as I hear about the results of a match. Right now, the only person to make it to the next round is Junkie. I am still waiting to hear about match results from the other 3 matches.

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    Moving on to the semi-finals. Unfortunately some matches were not played due to inability to schedule a match. Competitors @Shiva @okto @gebug and @haoryuad have been eliminated due to either failure to arrange a match or being unable to be reached by their competitor. As it stands, @BurningWillow has been awarded a Bye for the round 2 match and will now face @LeJunkie in the semi-final. @Reaper314159 has been awarded a Bye for the round 2 match and for the Semi-Finals match as both players being eliminated from him semi-final competition round. You will have until Saturday Apr 21 11PM EST to play your matches and report to me.

    These eliminations due to failure to arrange a match do not disqualify a participant from future FSL matches. Life happens, and there is no problem in forfeiting your match if you are unable to participate due to the fact the IRL gets in the way and can suck in general. Please just message the tournament administrator (at this time @proteggiore) if there is any IRL conflicts and if you are unable to play or reach your competitor for a match.

    Please note that the FORUM POST for the FSL is considered the official communication medium for the tournament. I will strive to keep all contact information as accurate and detailed as possible (including forum name and battlenet tag), but it is the individual participant's responsibility to check the forum post for regular updates. It is not necessary to PM on the forum if you are able to contact the other person through discord, battlenet, or other medium. However, if the player is not on your friends list, sending a friend request on battlenet and waiting for it to be accepted is insufficient to count as contact. In this instance, the best method would be to use a forum PM. Please message me if you have been unable to reach your round partner after the first couple of days. Waiting until the last day or two makes a scramble and could result in a double elimination if I hear nothing from either player or I am unable to resolve a match.

    Good Luck and Have fun!

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