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Thread: How To Get Invited Into The Fever Club!

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    How To Get Invited Into The Fever Club!


    Add any Officer that is in the LOL Club to get invited.
    If you don't know any you can add the following people to get invited. Please also message them stating you'd like to be added.

    In-game name: Fever name:
    Senpai Kirbz @Kirbz
    Its Sithis @Sithis
    Sixxed17 @Sixxed17
    Macho0001 @Macho0001

    PS: Our North American server has two clubs. One for normals and one for ranked
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    As a side note this is for NA. We're looking to get an officer in charge of EUW so contact me for details!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sithis View Post
    As a side note this is for NA. I don't think we have a club in other regions.
    We do have one ^_^ I think AdmiralPeet is the leader.. but I can ask in the chat later, just to be sure.

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