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Thread: LoL: Weekly Game Nights & Tournaments

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    LoL: Weekly Game Nights & Tournaments


    If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please message @Doiri, or @Shiva


    NOTE: All events are on NA servers


    We will be hosting weekly Game Nights on Saturdays at 8:00pm EST. There will be a variety of games such as Sketch League, Guard the Raka, Reverse Draft, Noxus vs Demacia, and Man vs Beast.


    Sketch League
    An online pictionary-like game where players draw and guess words that are LoL related.

    Guard the Raka
    This is a 4v4 game mode in which each team will have 1 beginner level Soraka AI. Each kill on the enemy Soraka will earn your team 1 point. The game will go until the first team scores (x) kills. The number will vary from game to game. At the start of the game on each team, two will go top, one will go mid, and one will go bottom. After Soraka is locked bottom lane, everyone will converge bottom. Do not kill the opposing team unless you are going in for their raka.

    Reverse Draft
    Instead of picking your champions, the enemy team will pick for you. Player will be split into teams of two and a host will come to your channel and ask you to pm him/her your choice for your opponent.

    Faction vs. Faction
    One team is a faction in league(Noxus, etc.) and the other is the rival faction(Demacia, etc.), Play champions that have pledged to your faction.

    Man vs Beast
    One team is Man and the other is Beast. Play champions that are in your appropriate class.

    A mix of multiple modes in one. example: Man vs Beast Ultimate Bravery.

    Murder Bridge
    Howling Abyss on Draft Pick

    Ultimate Bravery
    You will be randomly chosen a champion and build. You MUST adhere to the build you were given. The items have to be bought in the correct order. Surrendering is allowed. You cannot buy wards. Your trinket must be a sweeping lens. Use the given summoner spells. Max the given ability first. No Elixirs. Must have the proper masteries from the guide. Health pots are NOT allowed. You cannot leave lane until your enemy first tower in YOUR lane is down. At 15 mins you are allowed to roam even if your enemy tower isn�t down.

    In-House 5v5
    Summoners Rift on Draft Pick

    Lead: OPEN

    Tournaments are currently inactive as we restart up the game nights first :D - Doiri
    We will also be hosting a weekly tournament on Saturdays at 8pm EST. Please join the League Event Lobby around 7:30pm. The tournaments may be different for each event. All tournaments are single elimination unless stated otherwise. Teams will be divided up by players skill level. Must provide an account you can log into to show accurate rank.

    Next Tournament is: 5v5


    Played on Howling Abyss with Blind/Draft Pick. If under 6 teams, tournament will be double elimination.

    Weekly Brawl
    Played on the weekend event rotation.

    Standard 5v5 on Summoner's Rift with Draft Pick.

    Rules & Expectations

    1. All Fever Rules are applied. If you break any of the rules, we have the power to remove you from the the tournament/event and will do so with swift justice! This may also lead to you being removed from Fever if you are a member or banned from Teamspeak if you are a guest.
    2. All EULA AND TOS for League of Legends must be followed.
    3. Account sharing is NOT ALLOWED.
    4. If you have an issue with anyone on your team or on the opposing team, please contact the moderator in your channel so they can resolve the situation.
    5. If you become more than 10 minutes inactive during the tournament, you will have forfeited your spot, and your eligibility for prizes and rewards.
    6. If you lose, please be respectful, remember it is just a game.
    7. If you win, do not be disrespectful in/out of the game. No taunting after death, or saying "wrecked, rekt' in chat.
    8. If you show up for a tournament, we will expect you to be there the entire time.
    9. Prizes are awarded out at the end of the event. You must stay for the entirety of the event to be eligible for prizes.
    10. Tournament admins reserve the right to give out prizes to participants based on our criteria.
    11. Tournament admins reserve the right to deny prizes to participants based on our criteria.
    12. Guests are allowed for tournaments but are not eligible for prizes unless stated otherwise.
    13. No premades allowed.
    14. By participating in an event you agree to follow all of these rules in addition to The Fever Standard.
    15. Not knowing the rules is not an excuse.

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