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Thread: [Suspended] League of Legends Academy

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    [Suspended] League of Legends Academy

    Introducing Fever League of Legends Academy!

    Greetings everyone! As of now, we will be re-opening up the Fever Academy for League!

    What is the Academy you ask?

    The Academy is a program that we're introducing in order to help our players grasp a better understanding of the game and its base mechanics, much like a school for League.

    The Academy differs from Coaching in that it is not meant to assist with only a single aspect of the game, (such as being an ADC, or farming correctly) but to cover all of these topics with your fellow peers, and as such possibly raise questions you might not think to ask. Over-all, it is to help those who need a better understanding of the in game mechanics and strategies.

    The curriculum will consist of the following subjects:

    1) Team Composition
    2) Early Game Mechanics
    3) Objective Control
    4) Mid Game Mechanics
    5) End Game Mechanics
    6) Itemization
    7) Engage, disengage

    Please be aware that these are very broad topics that will be covered at length with several different topics falling under each one.
    (example: Early Game Mechanics would have subjects such as; Lane Swapping, Effective Farming, Wave Management, Power Spikes, Poking vs Farming, etc)
    That being the case, these "classes" will be spread out over the course of several weeks and will consist of: discussions, hands on learning, demonstrations, 5v5 practice matches, mini-games, and much much more! We will also be scheduling make-up sessions that will help assist those how are unable to make the times that will be posted.

    Onto the good stuff! THERE WILL BE PRIZES!!!! However the criteria for the prizes will be determined by myself and the coaches who will be acting as the Academies "Professors" at the time of the session based on the skill level of those attending (to maintain fairness). Prizes will vary, but RP and Skins will be among them!

    The First date for the Academy will be still need to be determined, if you have any times that would be more convenient for you, please shoot me a pm and I'll do my best to accommodate those times or even set up special sessions!

    @Doiri @Bae @Ballbuster @lottafight @Poisonfang77 @Cid Raines
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    ok i am trying to get a general idea of who all would be interested in coaching AND participating withing teh academy. at the end of hte season there will be prizes for both the coaches and the participants. pm me or @Ballbuster for further information, or make a post here
    Thank you Lord Fred

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    League of Legends Academy

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