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Thread: New to the group

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    New to the group

    Hey guys, New to the Fever Clan and looking for Dota Players to group up with. I am tired of playing Solo and having crappy randoms. I am a Crusador 2 right now but actually play pretty well and learned a lot of the years playing..Just need a good team to play with and keep learning. I play with some 3k friends sometimes and they suggested my play styles is about a 2.5k. We need to start up weekly games or something.

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    New to the group

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    Welcome to Fever

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    Welcome to Fever @Stealthcomm!

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    <23:46:05> "|Fever| Niine |COL|": <22:45:54> You poked "|Fever| Daddy |GEN|" with message: Hey Daddy, can I have a pet rock?
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    <22:46:11> You poked "|Fever| Daddy |GEN|" with message: :O

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    Hello and welcome,
    If you can find 3 more people that are interested for some weekly games, I'm in. Same average 2-3k mmr.
    Have a nice day!

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