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Thread: Io gets an 100 EU Arcana

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    Io gets an 100 EU Arcana

    So if some one of you have been living under a rock you would not know that a bunch of people voted for Io to get an Arcana at last compendium. Simply because once your hero is out of the pool what else are you gonna vote for. Io as some other heroes still have no items, there is no official support for creators to make them from Valve. Valve as any other business are pushing the most famous characters first before others in order to maximize their Sales. Nothing new under the sky. Think about the arcanas so far here they are:
    Arcana - Dota 2 Wiki

    Notice how many Support heroes got an Arcana and I mean true Supports not MK support with basher. It's one ok jsut one the Cristal Maidon arcana.
    3 Mid heroes,
    3 safe lane Carries,
    the most picked every game Legion Jungle
    a Manky King that came with his own patch.
    and a shitty techies arcana no one even wants, it costs 20 EU now and it's 1/3 of every other arcana out there.

    So yes without everyone doubt we all can agree a lot of your favorite heroes will never get an arcana unless we are mid or carry players as most of the peasants in Dota 2. So yes we voted to the damn Ball to get a Hat. An this time we were stripped form that option without any explanation. As if people would just forget the why wisp was second last time and why people actually voted for that hero that most people don't even touch unless in a team. Sadly no one forgot and it was well noted. So now Valve told us "What really happened"

    Surprise surprise, if you wanted an Arcana of a Ball of light, you can have the darn thing, it was all planned ahead (seems legit, game is hard). They knew it won't sell as any other arcana, probably worst then Techies even, so how to solve the money problem? Make it exclusive only for people that spended around 100 € in their Compendium. Make it UNOPTAINIUM for everyone unless they do spend that kind of money. Hell IO's arcana is the most expensive one till this day in Dota 2. And it's all the perfect cover up for why IO was not in the pool this time around.

    Look I am not IO player, maybe there is like 5 there that rejoice because Io finally got the Arcana. Did it had to be the heart Cube from Portal? I mean whit would have been wonderful for Valentine's Day, but now it's just not in place. It just feels as if they just forged that to make people stop talking WHERE IS IO in the arcana choice. Remeber kids they will make an other arcana after TI and it will sell way more then a normal wisp Arcana could have ever. But an excursive one time only untraceable sorry I said wisp I meant IO arcana. That will sell those 225 levels, even if almost no one really cared about that arcana.

    So with this said I put my hat down to Valve as a brilliant sales man, the stuff that they get away with as "planned" is amazing.

    The votes for an Arcana are as effective as the Public Votes for an MVP of the end of a Pro game. It is always the carry or mid from the winning team.
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