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Thread: Recruit, recruit and recruit!

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    Recruit, recruit and recruit!

    Hey guys! We have a goal to increase our player base and the easiest way i see it happening right now is recruiting in game!

    After the game or at the end of it just send a message like this:

    Check out international multigaming community!
    Or anything in this manner! If you use autoexec.cfg you can bind a key there to say this message automaticly when you press coresponding key.

    What you get out of it?

    • Well we will increase player pool meaning easier to find a 5-stack, Battle cup, ranked games etc.

    • You will progress faster withing Fever ranks with more people you recruit (They need to put you as refferal when they apply)

    • We will have more people for inhouse gaming nights and tournaments!

    • and many more...

    The sooner we get the numbers we need the sooner we will be starting to host game nights and tournaments like in the old days! Not to mention all activities will be recognized and there are many open slots for Officers in the Dota 2 section!

    I will mass mention people from the list of all dota members, if you are no longer a member or no longer interested in dota just reply in thread under and mention me. So i can delete you from future mass tags regarding this section!

    @aaa @aceofspikes @Agachee @Annihilator @Aphex @Barretrifle @Chrome @Deathopus @digitalblade @Drake @Drag @fare @folster @gamerhellborn @GucciMagiK @Halcyon @Junior @Kimenu @Konquer @Kyojin @Lucyfer @Luzian @Magrath @Majes @mikethete @Mizu @moe @MorbidLemming @Mr Zablinx @NooDL @pinkman @RobinToth @robocoaster @Rocket Scientist @Rookie @shacram @Shanill @ShortySwe @sleeping at @Smokus @TheBossGuy @Tomberry @WmW @wongshehvun @Zomby @Supguy123 @ToastySalmon @Keygiwawah @Librinox @BurningWillow

    @Kimenu @Thundernut
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    Also anyone i didnt tag and want to be up to date with the section reply under and i will add you for future stuff.

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    Recruit, recruit and recruit!

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    Great post and idea, add me if that's fine.

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    I've setup that keybind a long time ago, but forget to press it for some games Will try to spam more

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