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    The NEW essential mod list

    the new home for my modding guide (all updated and pretty):

    1/28 mod spotlight
    Mod Spotlight week 2slash3: Sneak thiefery and archery spotlight
    Skyrim Mod Spotlight 3

    My Ultimate Skyrim mod list, enjoy

    *If you are having problems with what you think is a mod causing bugs first, use boss. Second, identify possible mods causing the problem. Third, either change the load order or deactivate the mod(s) one by one until you find the problem. I have never seen a bug that I haven't been able to fix (and I have almost 140 mods at this point working together all at once), so, don't come to me and say so-and-so mod is messing up my game. More than likely you just need to troubleshoot.

    Skyrim Nexus - This is your new Bible. SAY IT WITH ME: we're not going to use that noob Steam shit.
    Skyrim Script Extender aka SKSE - This is tool for allowing extended scripts in Skyrim, whatever that means idk. You just need it, don't fight it.
    BOSS - A tool that automatically organizes the load order of your mods and tells if you have any wrong versions, conflicts, etc.
    Unofficial Skyrim Patch - Fixes hundreds of bugs from the main game, includes links for dawnguard and hearthfire

    Graphics - What everyone wants


    so I haven't talked about ENBs at all really and they're one of my favorite kinds of mod for Skyrim. Essentially an ENB re-colors, adds bloom and other lighting effects and just in general makes the game look INFINITELY better. See a really awesome screenshot someone has taken? They most likely have a ENB installed. While ENBs generally are a bit harder to install, there's a tool called ENB manager and changer that makes the process much easier.

    Here is a video that will help you install an enb using this tool (note that when you're adding the enb version you're just adding the single d3d9.dll file, that's not explained particularly well in the video)

    here is a list of all the different enb versions for download: link

    and here is the ENB I use: Skyrealism - ENB Evolved (I use the 'warm' preset but it comes with tons of different ones and uses ENB version .119 [updated to .139 now]). This is the ENB featured at the beginning of the brodual video

    Good luck, you should be ready to experiment with any ENBs you'd like. If you have any further questions just PM me or reply with your question on this thread.

    Skyrim HD - 4k resolution textures that are 2-8x better than the HD texture pack released by Bethesda
    FXAA Post Process Injector - adds a bunch of post-processing video effects
    Vurt's Flora Overhaul - ages a huge variety to plants, I actually have stopped using Lush Grass since I got this because it makes the grass too dense.
    Static Mesh Improvement - Redraws meshes (containing textures around objects), essentially smooths blocky surfaces
    Enhanced Distant Terrain - Makes distant terrain look better
    Better Dynamic Snow - Replaces default snow texture
    Realistic Lighting Overhaul - Heavily changes the shadows in the game making everything much more realistic and moody without post-processing. I also recommend Wearable Lanterns with this mod. Should work with most ENBs and now includes spells give off light.
    Benjamin318s Realistic Rocks and Mountains - If you're like me and have a bunch of graphics mods installed you'll notice that mountains still look like shit. It's something that's bugged me for a long time, thankfully this mod changes that. You can also choose between 1k, 2k, 4k, 8k resolution versions.
    aMidianBorn's Book of Silence - the best vanilla armor retexture out there, simply amazing work. Go look at the screenshots, you won't be disappointed getting this one.

    Mining Extended - the amount of ore mined increases with your smithing skill
    Smithing Extended - Breakdown/Reforge - allows you to breakdown pieces of equipment into ingots, making increasing your smithing skill much less painful
    Glowing Ore Veins - makes ore veins more visible
    Immersive Armors - adds some really nice mod armors and makes them appear around the world (i.e. from enemies). All are craftable
    Immersive Weapons - same as above except weapons
    Armonizer Armors pack - adds 34 new community armors to the leveled lists (what can be found organically in the game and off enemies)
    Bound tools - adds conjurable tools
    Bandolier - adds craftable, lore-friendly pouches that increase your carry weight. Really great option for people that don't want to head back to town all the time but still don't want to break immersion.
    Crossbows Basic Collection - adds more crossbows
    Enchanted Arrows and Bolts - Adds a bunch of new enchantable arrows and bolts to the game via a new custom enchanting table (wish it didn't use this but it's a compromise). I've been looking through a lot of these lately (arrow enchanting) and this one has the best balance of enchantment to material cost IMO. Also adds these to the leveled lists so you will see enemies using them (which can also be looted). Requires dawnguard for the bolts but I think you can get a standalone version for just the arrows.
    Telescope - adds craftable telescopes into the game, now works perfectly with Guess the Distance.
    Portable Campsite - adds a bunch of great craftable campsite gear (all crafting equipment, tents, campfires, all sorts of misc stuff); not compatible with

    SkyUI - Changes the menu interface to something a lot more usable on PC
    Better Sorting - Recategorizes items so they respond better to keywords in the game which allows for better sorting, also includes options to change weights of ingredients, potions, etc. which I use
    Categorized favorites menu - Makes the favorites menu much more PC-friendly
    A Quality World Map - makes the world map better, including modular options that let you add roads
    Detailed Mine Map Markers (Steam) - i.e. adds (Iron) behind mine names on your map
    Improved Skill Books - i.e. adds (Block) behind skill book titles
    Warburgs 3D paper world map - Alternate style for the world map, one that I prefer. Looks great with ENBs as well. Be careful, distance mods (like enhanced distant terrain) needs to be loaded BEFORE this mod, i.e. above it.

    Warzones: Civil Unrest - adds a crap ton of massive NPC battles
    Deadly Dragons - adds additional modular dragons (and changes vanilla dragons) and "assault" events (dragons spawning and attacking you)
    UFO - Ultimate Follower Overhaul - improves follower AI and adds additional options to configure your follower(s) aka allows multiple followers
    Convenient Horses - Modular horse mod that adds ton of additional options including horse call, set invulnerability, different horse armors, follower horses, and speed enhancements
    The Dance of Death - A killmove mod - modular killmove mod; adjust chances for killmoves and decapitations (separately) to occur, options to force perspective
    Apocalypse Spell Package - adds A TON of cool magic spells
    Balanced Magic - The most popular magic scaling mod
    Conjuration Madness - adds a bunch of new conjurable creatures
    Duel - The best combat overhaul out there right now IMO
    Stronger Daedric Artifacts - improves daedric artifacts so they aren't outclassed by level 30
    Acquisitive Soul Gems - makes it so soul gems don't absorb souls less than what they're rated for (no more petty souls in grand gems)
    Realistic Ragdolls and Force - makes ragdolls look less silly
    True Dragonblood - Shout cooldown adjustments - as title, shortens shout cooldowns to be more in-line with what timing dragons use
    Jobs of Skyrim - adds a bunch of NPCs (and inns have a book that tells you where they all are) that will give you radiant quests to complete. For example: hunt dragons, collect pelts, kill a bounty, etc.
    Sneak Tools - fairly new mod that aims to add a crapton of tools to help you become the best sneak thief. Mod includes options to auto-kill NPCs using "throat slit" and various other new sneak attack options. Also adds some cool new arrows and some identity concealing masks (similar to the grey fox mask in Oblivion). Honestly I'm not doing this justice, check out the mod page for the full breakdown of features. Includes a SkyUI MCM menu config
    Arrows and Bolts Tweaks - This mod has so many great options for archery. First, it allows you to change the speed of arrows and bolts to pretty much whatever you want (I recommend +50%). You can also change how many arrows you can recover from corpses, how many you can loot from bodies, and how many merchants sell making crafting arrows much more important (and immersive imo). It also gives detailed instructions on how to correct the absolute shitty reticles for archery. I highly recommend doing so, you might even consider turning the reticle off using a mod such as iHUD once you get it fixed.
    Better eagle eye perk - increases zoom for eagle eye and decreases stamina cost. I use the 50% stamina cost one
    Morrowindic Sneak Attack and Critical Hit sound - The sneak attack sound in Skyrim is very loud and unimmersive, this changes the sneak attack sound to what it was in Morrowind; a much more satisfying squish
    Real Arrow SFX - changes the sound effects for arrows, makes especially satisfying sounds when they hit people.
    Guess the Distance - gives you a power that lets you guess how far a target is away and various other attributes about it (armor, faction, aggression, etc.). Very useful for those long archery shots. Includes SkyUI MCM config menu
    Dragon Soul Relinquishment - allows you to trade souls for various boosts in your stats. Dragon soul requirements are totally customizable via SkyUI MCM config menu

    Better Females by Bella
    Character Creation Overhaul - Brings back many character creation options from Oblivion such as signs and major skills
    Xenius Character Enhancement - adds more detailed textures and improves overall character models
    Live Another Life - Allows you to select your backstory instead of the standard Helgen intro. Tons of RP options for creating your ideal character's story.

    Player homes
    Halls of Dovahndor - I already loved this player home but the mod author recently added navmeshing (for NPCs and companions), merchants, tons of NPCs from previous Elder Scrolls games, giant Dragonguards, and a portal system that lets you travel to major cities. Definitely just shot this back up to my favorite player home. Note: this playerhome is awesome but the recent update has caused some major framerate problems. I recommend downloading it now (to track it) and download the next patch before you use it.
    Dragonius Tower

    The Dragonborn Comes by Malukah replacement menu music (Steam)

    Main Font Replacer - does what the title says, I use morpheus and increase the text menu size using SkyUI's config menu so I can read it better.
    New Bard Songs - adds a bunch of new bard songs from fan covers. Bards will lip sync to the songs and everything. Check this video I made for an example from Malukah


    Quest: Moonpath Elweyr
    Quest: The Realms of Daedra
    Quest: Sea of Ghosts
    Dungeons: The Forgotten Snows
    Jessica (Companion)
    Better Vampires

    Last edited by yoda; 10-17-2013 at 12:58 PM. Reason: updated troubleshooting

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    Awesome list there Yoda, when I finally get my Hard-drive, so that I'm not edging ways of having more than 20 gigs of free space I'll probably just install that list, and see how the game goes for me. Most likely will just remake another character.

    "This isn't a democracy for today, this is a dictatorship, and I rule with an iron dick. Just for today."
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    Great list.

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    Thanks for this @yoda

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    I would suggest the Skyrim ENB as well @yoda

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaudkiller View Post
    I would suggest the Skyrim ENB as well @yoda
    I use vibrant enb with enb manager

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    @yoda where's the mod that changes all dragons into Macho Man Randy Savage?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jester View Post
    @yoda where's the mod that changes all dragons into Macho Man Randy Savage?
    I am extremely interested in this one.

    Fly around all day shooting cocaine from their nostrils at you. Instead of roaring they just yell at you. And if they kill you they say " Cocaine is a hell of a drug ". I would also have to add one set of dragon bones impaled into a tree with a grave sign next to it in memory.

    RIP Macho Man

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    The NEW essential mod list

    Quote Originally Posted by Necrosus View Post
    I am extremely interested in this one.

    Fly around all day shooting cocaine from their nostrils at you. Instead of roaring they just yell at you. And if they kill you they say " Cocaine is a hell of a drug ". I would also have to add one set of dragon bones impaled into a tree with a grave sign next to it in memory.

    RIP Macho Man
    Robbaz turned me on to that mod. It was the first skyrim mod I've ever installed.

    RIP Macho Man indeed. Hell of a guy.

    -Sent from my iPhone by screaming violently at my desk in front of some poor guy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jester View Post
    Robbaz turned me on to that mod. It was the first skyrim mod I've ever installed.

    RIP Macho Man indeed. Hell of a guy.

    -Sent from my iPhone by screaming violently at my desk in front of some poor guy.
    Its an actual mod? o.O

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