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Thread: The Slump

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    The Slump

    You have experienced it, ive experienced it and for me at this point, I love the game but its like I'm feeling backstabbed when I do play smite because we have a company running a good game they dont deserve and i think this fortifes what im feeling lately with these 3 top youtubers and multiple streamers think the same thing.

    now hirezstew posted on twitter about major changes to smite and this is dmbrandons opinion on these changes (mostly positive)

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    It feels like they focus more on paladins than smite sometimes but I still like smite for what it is and I hope it gets more love.

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    Yeah just so you know I wouldn't listen to soloDoubleJ he slanders, and tries to put his opinion out way more than needed.
    On top of that he doesn't know what he's talking about half the time. I've met him, and he rants like DM for no reason.
    Mythymoo isn't someone to listen to either he plays the games for the casual side, and the majority of the changes play towards ranked.
    I just putting this out there because of the majority of the people saying stuff are people who don't actually get impacted by the changes.

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