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Thread: Divine Uprising Purchase's Collection

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    Divine Uprising Purchase's Collection

    These are and will be all purchase items you can buy in the new smite event Divine Uprising


    Fat Loki Cabrakan
    Northern Ranger Hachiman
    Dragon's Light Sobek
    Soothsayer The Morrigan
    Dragon Queen Scylla
    Polar Vortex Kukulkan
    Violet Lord Thor

    Collection Bonus: Galactic Void Chernobog


    Evil Spirits Bacchus
    Plague Lord Hades
    Baroness Izanami
    Cyberfox Da Ji
    Shadow Spirit Ah Puch
    Hellscape Cernunnos
    Nightbane Jing Wei

    Collection Bonus: Half-life Baron Samedi


    Molten He Bo
    Mystic Guardian Athena
    Riptide Poseidon
    Sunny Chibi Amaterasu
    Shadow Claw Bastet
    Admiral Ao Kuang
    Titanium Tracker Xbalanque

    COLLECTION BONUS: Heatsink Pele
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    Might have to buy some of these thanks for posting looking forward to trying Chernabog out since i came back recently to smite and his galactic skins looks interesting.

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    as of late ive not wanted to purchase anything seeming hirez keeps fucking up and wont fix the game
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    Buggfixing ( Development ) and Skins ( Design/GFX ) are two different teams. Has nothing to do with that. If HiRez doesn't make money they can't fix the buggs.


    Really looking forward to the Voodoo part.

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