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Thread: Weekly Rotation Thread

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    Weekly Rotation Thread

    Sup Fever, every week there will be a new selection of gods with one from every class such as Guardian, Hunter, Mage, Assassin, Warrior. with these you wont need to pay for them but they will change.

    Warrior - Chaac

    Assasin - Thanatos

    Mage - Morrigan
    The Morrigan.jpg

    Hunter - Izanami

    Guardian - Kuzenbo

    Starting Date : 13-03-2018
    Finish Date: 19-03-2018

    Skin Sales

    Terra - Crystalline (125 Gems)

    Mercury - Captain Quick (200 Gems)

    Sylvanus - Deathcap (125 Gems)

    Janus - Riftshaker (200 Gems)

    Hercules - Legion (125 Gems)

    Kali - Crimson Death (187 Gems)

    Nox - Madame Darkness (200 Gems)

    Janus - Jandroid (200 Gems)

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    Gotta get those Janus skins. <3

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