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Thread: SMITE: Season 5 Conquest Map!

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    Still a Feeder :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grant View Post
    @whitelord321 I'm an ADC... or i feed or i carry. Thats the world!
    Quote Originally Posted by whitelord321 View Post
    Still a Feeder :P
    His being a Tactical feeder. Giving the enemy team a killing spree so when his team kills them they get a massive bonus. That was @Kai main job when he played the Ne zha support

    FireyLaw27 - Good fucking job kirbz. Everything should always be fixed

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    @Sly Yes! Exactly! I think.. sorta.. So Sly.

    We gonna go duo-que ranked? You Ne Zha support and i'll be Anubis ADC.

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