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Thread: New Map Design for Conquest?!

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    New Map Design for Conquest?!

    Hello Fever!

    I have some pretty intresting news today for Season 4 and Season 5 of SMITE. On Reddit, someone made this statement: " I commented a few days ago in a post, that i find the current conquest map boring and i think that it needs a new design. The map plays a critical role for me, what about you guys?". This attracted a lot of people, so the topic rose up. HiRez noticed it, and community manager HiRezPonPon reacted to this.

    "A good portion of our Development and Design time went towards finding solutions to these problems such as jungle camp experience, buff adjustments, new objectives, and item balancing" is what HiRezPonPon said. This means that they are working to improve the gameplay alot, we have experienced this all. Attack Speed Buff coming in, taken out, Fire Creeps, etc. etc. So no big news there.

    HiRezPonPon also said this: "Since we are making significant gameplay adjustments to conquest and we are still quite happy with the Conquest art style, we moved most of our art development time to work on getting Clash up to par and giving you guys a whole new theme." Here he tells us they have been working more on Clash than they have on conquest, which i can understand. No problems there. But now is when it's getting hyped up a bit!

    After that, HiRezPonPon stated the following: "Season 4 will consist of us polishing the new gameplay of the Conquest map and Season 5 will then be when we have the bandwidth for Conquest move visual and layout changes." This basically confirms that Season 5 will have a NEW conquest map, and in Season 4 the gameplay will be focused on. Pretty cool, right?

    What are YOUR thoughts about this? What do you hope the new map will be like, or the gameplay? Let us know!

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    I mean that's still a bit early to get hyped for something that's gonna happen in a year.

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    @Hendruid yeah but still, its fun to brainstorm about it if you ask me

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    Make it fun like season 1 and I want fogs in the jungle!

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    @amoretpax199 Hey! Thats pretty good!

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