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Thread: To the 1-2 deniers in the guild from a day or two ago

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    To the 1-2 deniers in the guild from a day or two ago

    One person, a priest iirc, was arguing Heritage Foundation propaganda against someone(me) who is actually well informed about global warming and geological history. I wanted to link you this video that thunderf00t recently uploaded. It has plenty of graphs, charts, herps and derps for you and the others who participated in the conversation about climate change caused by global warming.

    If you're curious, I can link you videos about the Permian Mass Extinction, Hypercanes, Thermohaline Cycle, and many other climate changes directly related to global warming. This stuff is not a laughing joke that can be summed up in a simple gif or meme pic, you have to actually learn things to understand it. It isn't hard. Regarding something as important as this I would at least hope that the average person can take the time to do actual research.

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    Moved post to the Open Discussion forum as it is not related to WoW...

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