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Thread: ZvT -- Extremely failed bunker rush or extremely clutch comeback

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    ZvT -- Extremely failed bunker rush or extremely clutch comeback

    you tell me... lol interesting ass game but I was like fuck this guy I'm giving up that easy anymore lol I actually wanted to see if he had any skill beyond what the hell he was doing to win.. 25min match but keep an eye on my drop lord expand he shoulda knew i was doing it when he denied my first drop lord when i accidentally sent it to all his proxy bullshit.. i had an idea he might of been cheesing or proxying when my first ovi scouted his base but i got too greedy then the timing hit and he set up all his stuff, however, i won in the end so oh well


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    Hi, being honest I didn't saw the whole replay (only until min 20 or so) but I could say that was a weird/funny one xD, I mean the cheese from the Terran was kinda awful, he started it in a nice and unexpected way for you but he kinda got overconfident about his win and then he stopped all the production, if he pushed before you got some drones out of your main that would be a whole different story, but he didn't, and I laugthed so hard when he was with his whole army around looking for a expa, he finds one, and gets rekt by ling/bane. I started to play Zerg, I really love them (Bought HOTS deluxe :x) and I was having so much fun watching how you overcome that cheese, I would love to watch your drones out of the base earlier but was amazing, about the drone drop in the proxy I think that was only because he got overconfident, he would be like "he is in despair, he can't do nothing rn, even if he make another base, easy win"
    I want to ask you, what league you are?, we could go to play in group someday

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    What can i say... good job!

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