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Thread: w40k - inquisitor martyr. anyone try it?

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    w40k - inquisitor martyr. anyone try it?

    Curious if anyones been playing this game in early access. Comes out in full release on june 5th. Watching some videos and it looks interesting.

    I love d3, poe, grim dawn, etc. I think it's up my alley.

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    i have play it a bit and idk first off ind hat a very cool concept and it bring some things on the table that aim sure ppl wantend for Darkwing to have it ..the difficlut lvl of the game is ona similar lvl as the BattleTech game

    the classes play diff cuz of the diff loadout thery have but i think 2-3 more class would be better .. its up to you but i would try to try out the game befor buying it it my be can turn out the same way Dawn of War 3 cuz ist the biggest failure of the complte francize by manny w40k fans and i think so too cuz no Tau ... Tau are the Betst

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