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Thread: Farcry 5 worth $60?

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    Farcry 5 worth $60?

    I just finished Farcry Primal.
    I liked it and I want to try Farcry 5, but I don't normally buy games at full price.
    Has Farcry 5 been polished enough to warrant a full price purchase?


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    did you know that Farcry Primal. was just FC4 wiht modded textures to look like stoneage you can even watch videos on YT that shows that Farcry Primal. has 1:1 the fc4 maps i say clearly no its not worth 60 bucks and i tell you wyh the co op it has is shit you get no exp for ervything you do you are just a needdless sidekkick thats not a real co op ... like Dead Island had even the stuff you get while helpig can not go to your solo play so no just some oh a new FC is out

    iam done with oh CoD 454554554545 is out as long as thery dont make anything new or real better for cod a new grafik engine i will never buy aynone of that

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    I too do not normally pay full price for games. I usually wait for Steam sales. I had been watching Far Cry 5 reviews and other videos, trying to see whether I wanted to bother. Well, I got all hyped up and basically impulse bought. I was not disappointed! This is the first game since Fallout 4 that I payed full price for. I can't even remember a game that I paid full price for before that, its been so long. The game is definitely worth full price IMO.

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    If you've enjoyed the previous FarCry games then you'll enjoy this one as well. I'm about 40 hours in at this point and still have most of the third zone to go as I've been exploring a lot and have been trying to clear everything before moving to a new zone. I've only tried a little of the Co-op so far and have enjoyed the bit I have done with it. Any progress you make while in someone else's game will not affect your story progress at all. This is not a deal breaker for me but it is for some. I don't mind, being as about 99% of all my time across the FarCry series has been in single player. One thing I did notice is that if you are short on skill points this allows you to get more of them since money, skill points, skins, and the weapons you acquire in co-op do carry over to your own game. In addition to the main story there is also an Arcade mode that allows you to play other people's creations or make your own. I personally have enjoyed FarCry 5 a lot and think it's the most polished game in the series thus far. On one final note, this has been my favorite setting since FarCry 2 and the game looks great, at least on my rig anyways.

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    Farcry 5 is awesome. Ubi has really stepped up there game with there recent releases and Farcry 5, just continues that and improves on it.

    It's worth the money for sure. Great story and tons to do. it's the first Farcry I've played since 1 or 2.

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    I should be getting FC5 by the end of the month.
    Until then I will play some D3.
    I have neglected it for a season.


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