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Thread: Anyone else tried Wolcen?

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    Anyone else tried Wolcen?

    Available on Steam and in Alpha now, been playing some and its pretty nice. Rikker posted several videos about the game.

    I like it, I think it definitely needs some polishing but overall the graphics are nice. Some of the bosses are very challenging.

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    Actually just saw this random video pop up D4 and POE competitor. Had to check this out. Was actually just about to post about it. Looks like it's going to be a game i will be playing for sure. Going to be purchasing soon to test. Can't wait for it to go multiplayer.

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    Played for a little bit. Then forgot about it. Honestly need to check it out. It's absolutely stunning and I'm liking the systems that I've read about.

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    Hmm doesn't look too bad, might give it a try at some point after the Diablo 3 season start.

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    i have heart about it and i like it but iam still waitig for the best ARPG that will ever come out Lost Ark

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    I have it, but haven't tried it yet. I want to get into it for sure.

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