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    Lost Ark

    Lost Ark is on tempo to finish alpha and start open beta later this year. I'm so hype for this game! It's been such a long time since a good western MMORPG was released. Yeah, yeah, POE. But combat in POE is pretty boring, and I've strong hopes that Lost Ark will be different. *fingers crossed*

    On our way to open beta, LostArkDB’s future and information about current situation – Lost Ark Database


    I mean holy #### just look at this boss fight. Tell me that isn't more epic than anything from POE.
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    Yea, been following this game for a long time,With they would just go ahead and announce it already

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    can not wait to play the game since his first trailer i layed my eyes on this one and it better not dissepoint me like Diablo 3 did hop it will not end as some ovewr hyped games that just died after few months

    but only time will tell

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